Monday Sep 25, 2023

“Jeonmir or Yukseonyeop” ‘Sammir’ possibility is Lotte’s choice, Samsung is all or nothing…no exceptions

Samsung Lions fans are very interested in Jeon Mir, a former Gyeongbuk High School “Idoryu” player.

He is a two-way player with excellent athleticism. He has the potential to be a big hitter as well as a big pitcher.

After winning the Cheongnyonggi, he was told that Samsung fans were interested in him, and he responded, “It’s a team I’ve supported and liked since I was a kid.”

But Samsung doesn’t have a choice. It’s up to the Lotte Giants, who hold the No. 3 overall pick after finishing eighth last year.

There’s a very good chance that No. 1 overall pick Hanwha will select Incheon left-hander Hwang Jun-seo, and No. 2 Doosan will select Incheon’s Kim Taek-yeon.

With the third pick, Lotte will most likely select Jeon Mir. The plan is to develop him as a pitcher and hitter at the same time.

If it ends up being Rokmir, Samsung’s pick is Jang Chung-go pitcher Yuk Sun-yeop.

He is an orthodox right-hander in good physical condition at 1.90 meters and 90 kilograms. He is an attractive pitcher with a fastball that reaches nearly 150km/h from a smooth, dynamic delivery, a curveball, and a splitter changeup. He is a complete big-league pitcher with the potential to be a powerhouse right away.

He could be one of the mainstays of Samsung’s starting mound this season alongside rookie Lee Ho-sung.

A Samsung representative said, “He’s a pitcher with good hardware and a good reputation,” which makes him highly valuable.메이저사이트

Samsung is also interested in Jeon Mir.

If Lotte doesn’t pick him, they plan to draft him. “We’ve made it clear that it’s either Jeon Mir or Yuk Sun-yeop,” Samsung said. “He is a right-handed big bat with excellent athleticism and can play the corner outfield,” they said, adding that they are more interested in his use as a hitter.


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