Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Ki Sung-yueng is 4th in the EPL… Scholes Modric is lower than KI, what the hell is that?

Ki Sung-yueng was summoned to the index representing the mastery of the Premier League long pass.

A soccer statistics site, ‘Visual Game’ announced that Ki Sung-yueng’s long pass that cuts through the ground was at the top of the soccer field.

On the 11th, the visual game summarized the statistics of the player who made the longest pass in the Premier League and La Liga and the corresponding season. Among them, Ki Sung-yong’s name appeared.

After leading the bronze medal at the London Olympics in the summer of 2012, Ki moved from Celtic to Wales club Swansea City, which belonged to the Premier League. From his first year, he sewed the team’s key midfielder and became the main player in Swansea’s 9th place in the second year of the Premier League. 바카라사이트

At this time, Ki Sung-yueng’s performance is revealed as it is in statistics.

Since the 2009/10 season, the media introduced the players with the highest success rate among players who attempted long passes of 25 yards (approximately 23m) or more 5 times per 90 minutes.

Here, in the 20121/13 season, Ki Sung-yueng succeeded in 8.6 per 90 minutes and recorded a success rate of 88.2%, ranking 4th.

The first place is 91.1% when current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta played for Everton in the 2010/11 season. Liverpool Joe Allen in the 2012/13 season was second with 89.7%, and Arteta was third with 88.4% in the 2011/12 season when he played for Arsenal.

And Ki Sung-yueng’s 2012/13 season ranked fourth. This means that Ki Sung-yueng, in his prime, was almost the top class in the Premier League for long passes.

Following Ki Sung-yueng, names such as Paul Scholes (Man United), Nigel The Yong (Man City), Luka Modric (Tottenham), and Yaya Touré (Man City) appear.


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