Monday Sep 25, 2023

Kikuchi, Toronto’s Worst Contract for 2023 Season… Pittsburgh’s Santana

It has been argued that Japanese pitcher Yusei Kikuchi is a player entering the 2023 season with the Toronto Blue Jays’ worst contract.

Bleacher Report recently selected the players who will start the 2023 season with the worst contracts for each of the 30 clubs. 안전놀이터

According to this, Kikuchi, who threw 100.2 innings in 32 games last season, allowed 23 homers and had an earned run average of 5.19, became Toronto’s worst contract player. Kikuchi signed a three-year, $36 million contract with Toronto.

“Jose Berrios’ seven-year, $131 million contract isn’t impressive, but at least he threw 172 innings. And at 28, Berrios is still young,” said Bleecherport. “But Kikuchi posted a 5.98 earned run average in the second half. recorded,” he said.

“This is reminiscent of the 5.00+ earned run average he posted in 2019 and 2020,” he warned.

Bleacher Report picked Carlos Santana for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pittsburgh signed Santana for one year, $6.8 million.


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