Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

‘Kim Ha-seong’s defensive power NL No. 1’, why SD is hard to trade?

 San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong missed the game against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field on the 11th (hereinafter Korean time).

This is the 3rd absence this season. The match lasted until the 11th inning, so Ha-seong Kim seemed to be able to play as a pinch hitter, but San Diego coach Bob Melvin did not find Ha-seong Kim.

Ha-seong Kim was absent for the first time in 28 days since the match against the New York Mets on April 13 last month.

It is highly likely that it was a consideration to give Kim Ha-seong, an all-weather infielder who consumes a lot of stamina, a complete rest. It is true that San Diego was unable to score points in the top of the 11th inning and lost 3-4 with a hit in the bottom 메이저사이트 of the 11th inning. Lougned Odor, who started as second baseman in place of Kim Ha-seong, struck out two in four at-bats. In the 9th inning, when the score was tied 2-2, Odor at bat was a pinch-hit timing, but coach Melvin pushed Odore as it was. The result was a strikeout on a swing.

Ha-seong Kim has a batting average of 0.229 (25 hits in 109 bats), 3 homers, 10 RBIs, 11 runs scored, 6 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.686 this season. However, after May, he showed signs of recovery with a batting average of 0.304 (7 hits in 23 bats), 1 home run, 4 RBIs, 4 runs scored and 0.907 OPS in 7 games.

In the midst of this, the local media draws attention by mentioning the Kim Ha-sung trade.

Reporter Tom Krasovich of the San Diego Union-Tribune said on the 10th, “Ha-seong Kim is struggling with a four-seam fastball. After pointing out that this year’s four-seam fastball batting average was only 0.171 and slugging percentage 0.229,’ he said, ‘If the starting shortstop is injured in a playoff-contending team, the trade value of Kim Ha-seong could be enormous. Scouts rate him as the Padres’ best defensive shortstop.”

It is not a trade rumor floating around right now, but a reporter’s personal opinion.

However, it is unclear whether San Diego will be able to trade Kim Ha-sung. Reporter Krasovich said, ‘To argue against the possibility of trading Kim Ha-sung, the Padres have been entangled in business relations with Korea since 2021, when they signed Kim Ha-seong for a four-year, $28 million contract. The Padres game is being broadcast in Korea, and the Padres will have their opening game in Korea next year. Can we go there without Kim Ha-seong?’

As reporter Krasovich mentioned, Kim Ha-seong is very weak against four-seam fastballs. As of the 11th, batting average by pitch type is four-seam 0.167, slider 0.462, sinker 0.071, cutter 0.167, curve 0.000, changeup 0.273, sweeper 0.333, splitter 0.000. The combined batting average of four-seam and sinker is 0.143. He is weak against fastballs.

Last year, the four-seam batting average was 0.224 and the sinker was 0.273. In 2021, his debut season, he had a four-seam 0.155 and a sinker 0.353. In other words, the sinker has been quite successful, but it means that it has been struggling against the four-seam for the third year.

Being weak to the four-seam fastball, which pitchers throw the most, can be a fatal weakness. However, considering his defensive value, there is a high possibility of high demand in the market. Kim Ha-seong, who finished second in the National League in the Gold Glove voting for shortstop last year, is showing off his top-class defense as a second baseman this year.

He ranks high in various defensive indicators. According to Fangraphs, among all second basemen, DSR (defensive runs saved) ranks first with 7, OAA (outs above average) ranks third with 3, and UZR (ultimate zone rating) defense range allowed ) ranks sixth with 0.7.

Baseball Reference’s defensive WAR is 1.0, which is second among all fielders and first in the NL. Ha-seong Kim’s bWAR is 1.6, which is shown as 1.0 in defense and 0.6 in offense. That means he has a much higher defensive contribution.


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