Thursday Jun 08, 2023

“Kim Min-seok’s outfield conversion was successful”… But another Kim Min-seok is growing up at Whimoon High School.

 Whimoon High School coach Oh Tae-geun, whom I met after a long time, said that he was nervous these days. It is because of his beloved disciple Kim Min-seok.

When he sees Kim Min-seok defending in the outfield, he laughs and says he is still anxious. At the same time, he added that he was proud of seeing the excellent growth at Lotte. Coach Oh Tae-geun once worked as a coach at Lotte for a year. Therefore, he is acquainted with general manager Seong Min-gyu and knows the atmosphere of Lotte.

Director Oh said, “I am in favor of Minseok’s outfield conversion. He thinks that general manager Seong Min-gyu made a good judgment. If he was in the infield, he would be under a lot of stress with one defensive error. But in the outfield, he also adapts much faster.”

Then he said, “Is it because he is a disciple? In my opinion, the defense still has a long way to go. I’m nervous about missing the ball. I have to catch it from above, but it seems that the batting judgment is still slow. Don’t worry about hitting. The fact that the side is good means that there are a lot of right timings for hitting, and when it hits, it can mass-produce good hits. Pioneering, contact skills, and the ability to use one’s own body are innate players, so if you experience it properly for one year, you will fully repay the expectations of Lotte fans in terms of batting.”

Director Oh also briefly introduced fans to Whimungo infielder Jung An-seok, who is included in the AG reserve roster. Director Oh said, “Jung An-seok is still lacking in strength. However, he is a player with a fairly good hitting surface. If you look at his batting form, he clearly resembles Kim Min-seok. In the off-season, Lee Jung-hoo comes to our school to practice. Young players learn a lot just by watching Lee Jung-hoo’s batting form. Kim Min-seok and Jung An-seok are representative players who have accepted that aspect well.”

When Kim Min-seok was in Whimoon High School, he added that Jung An-seok followed Kim Min-seok well.

However, his personality is not reckless or aggressive. He also added that he is a somewhat timid side, so if he can play baseball in a more comfortable environment, he is a player who can improve his skills.

Jung An-seok is currently a very highly rated infielder. Pro nomination is highly likely. The head of the scouting team of a certain club said, “He is a player with quite good batting ability.” He is such a hidden gem that rumors circulate that some clubs might even consider an early pick. If he’s looking for a player like Kim Hye-sung, he might be the perfect fit.안전놀이터

Above all, being an infielder is a big advantage. Also, the texture of his swing is pretty. His contact skills are also excellent. Power can be increased in the pros anyway. Because of these advantages, he was highly evaluated from the beginning of the season and was able to get on board as a reserve entry.

The regrettable thing is that although he says, “A shortstop is enough,” he hears that his throw is lacking. Therefore, he is currently evaluated as a second baseman resource. He doesn’t have bad kidneys either. If he shows a better performance at shortstop, the evaluation of Jung An-seok may be higher.

Director Oh’s heart is getting warmer amidst the great success of the student who led Lotte’s lead after 3,949 days and another student who was selected as a reserve entry for AG.


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