Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Kim Se-young “There is no problem with jet lag, it will be different from last year”

Kim Se-young, who won 12 wins on the LPGA tour, pledged to rebound, forgetting the pain of missing the cut at the Mediheal and Hankook Ilbo championships last year.

At a press conference for the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship held at the Ferrum Club in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province on the 12th, Kim Se-young said, “She always went to the United States for field training, but this year, the pro went to Thailand, so I also did Thai field training for the first time. She joined the team and trained and did weight training for about a month, and she went to field training and came back to Korea after about 3 American competitions,” she explained the process of preparing for the competition.안전놀이터

Kim Se-young also said, “I think I played about one-fifth of a season in the United States. There are still big competitions next week, such as major competitions, so I prepared a lot. I want to show a good image to Korean fans.”

She said last year she was in Korea right after running the US and had problems with her conditioning, but this year she came in early and had no jet lag problems. Kim Se-young said, “I came to Korea a week ago and have adjusted to the time difference, so I am in good shape. I think there will be difficulties after moving to the United States, but I will gradually adapt as I play,” she said.

Kim Se-young, who left a regret after missing the cut at the title sponsor competition last year, said, “Last year, it was not easy because I did not adapt to the jet lag. Because of this, I came a little early this year. I prepared well, so this time will be different from last year. During last year’s competition, the weather was nice, the course was good, and she helped me with the gallery, but she felt sorry for not being able to hit. I want to show a good image this time.”


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