Sunday Mar 26, 2023

KLPGA aims to diversify member benefit companies… “We will increase it to 150”

KLPGA announced that it will make efforts to expand and diversify member benefit companies this year.

As of the 9th, there are 135 companies that have signed membership benefit alliances with KLPGA. Golf courses and driving ranges account for the largest portion at about 25%. Member benefit providers in the lodging and medical fields followed with about 20% and 19%, respectively. Golf equipment accounted for about 8.5% and golf apparel accounted for about 8%. Other member benefit categories (education, beauty, travel, etc.) accounted for about 19%.

Any KLPGA member can receive benefits in related areas. In particular, benefits are provided in various fields other than golf, such as lodging, medical care, education, and beauty, and are receiving a great response.

KLPGA has provided its members with free quality education programs such as member-customized education and golf instructor qualification course, KLPGA Master Professional. 카지노

In particular, customized education, which allows students to choose from 7 courses such as humanities literacy, foreign language education, golf competency, golf industry, employment competency, economic investment technology, and cultural liberal arts, is newly established every year and has received a great response.

In addition, KLPGA provides employment opportunities and benefits such as discounts on usage fees at 8 golf driving ranges certified through the Korea Golf Driving Range Association and the official driving range certification project.

KLPGA said, “This year, we are aiming to expand the number of member benefit companies to 150. In particular, we will expand partnerships with golf apparel brands that are in high demand among members so that they can receive more benefits.”

Next, KLPGA said, “We will expand and reorganize the member welfare benefit category, which is currently divided into golf courses and driving ranges, golf equipment, golf clothing, lodging, and medical care, in consideration of member characteristics such as shopping, beauty, travel, and dining out.”


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