Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Ko Jin-young won the LPGA last minute come-from-behind victory… The driving force is “Lim Seong-jae, who overturned 5 strokes”

Ko Jin-young succeeded in a last-minute standoff and won her 15th LPGA career. You picked an unexpected person as the driving force behind your victory, but who is it?

Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok delivers.


<The Cognizant Founders Cup|LPGA Tour>

The highlight was the last 18th hole.

A birdie putt of about 7m left one stroke behind the lead.

It was a difficult downhill slope, but the ball fell straight into the hole cup.

[It was a great birdie!]

Dramatically /The match went back to square one, and Jinyoung Ko drove a wedge in the first hole of the playoff.

Even with a faraway birdie putt, she succeeded in par by putting it close to the hole cup, but Minji Lee, a Korean Australian, made a bogey in a birdie chance and collapsed.

On the last day, starting 4 strokes behind, the driving force behind the band electrode was Lim Seong-jae.

[Ko Jin-young/LPGA Tour Cognizant Founders Cup Winner: PGA Seong-jae Lim won the tournament in Korea, but overcame a 5-stroke gap. I was inspired by watching him win.]안전놀이터

Even while lifting numerous championship cups, he even showed off a ceremony that was rarely shown.

[Lee Si-woo/Ko Jin-young Swing Coach: The motion of connecting the swing has improved much more smoothly than before. (Ceremony) Because he is a friend who has risen from the floor and feels the importance of winning… ]

Ko Jin-young, who missed the cut and withdrew due to an injury last year, announced a perfect revival by lifting the second championship cup in two months.

Korean women’s golf, which is in a slump, also fired a signal of a rebound.


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