Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Korean Air, Lim Dong-hyuk, signed a 3-year, 1.5 billion contract

Korean Air, in the professional volleyball men’s division, has completed preparations for a combined championship for four consecutive seasons by capturing all free agents (free agents) inside.

On the 18th, Korean Air announced that they had signed free agent contracts with Apposite Spiker Lim Dong-Hyeok, Middle Blocker Cho Jae-Young, and Setter Yoo Kwang-Woo. Korean Air added meaning by saying, “By signing contracts with all the FA target players, we can expect to win the combined championship again next season.”바카라사이트

Lim Dong-hyuk obtained free agent status for the first time after his debut and signed a contract for up to 1.5 billion won (350 million won in salary, 150 million won in options) for 3 years. Although Lim Dong-hyuk did not have many opportunities to play due to the overlapping position with foreign striker Lincoln this season, he recorded 278 points and an attack success rate of 56.59%, contributing to the team’s overall victory. After signing the contract, Lim Dong-hyuk expressed his feelings and determination, saying, “I am happy to be able to sign again with a great coaching staff, excellent player, and reliable club.”

Jaeyoung Cho signed up for 3 years, up to 1.218 billion won (300 million won annual salary, 106 million won option), and Kwangwoo Yoo signed up for 3 years, up to 756 million won (170 million won annual salary, 82 million won option). did. Cho Jae-young said, “I will continue to contribute to winning the championship,” and Yoo Kwang-woo expressed his determination, saying, “I will help to build a stronger team.”

Korean Air won the regular league and championship match last season and achieved a combined championship for three consecutive years. In addition, he achieved a ‘Treble’ (three crowns) until the professional volleyball cup competition. 


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