Monday Mar 27, 2023

“Korean baseball is the world’s best… The Czech goal is to go straight to the next final”

The documentary ‘Small Country, Big Dream’ (Malá země velké sny) produced by the WBC about the Czech national team’s progress to the finals is the title of director Pavel Hadim’s entry ticket.

“The Czech Republic is a small country, but it has big dreams,” he told the relay team on the first day of the preliminaries. On the first day, they suffered a 7-21, 7 cold game loss to Spain, but on the last day, they met Spain again and won 3-1, earning the first WBC qualifier in Czech history.

The Czech Republic started a generational change from the German qualifiers. Head coach Mike Griffin’s 9-year tenure ended, and Hatim, who has led young players in the national team by age group, took office as new head coach.

Coach Hatim, who made the achievement of advancing to the WBC finals along with the generational change, said in a written interview on the 4th (Korean time), “We are living in a dream. We can achieve it,” he said, reaffirming his determination for the finals.

Manager Hatim defines his baseball as ‘baseball that reduces runs’. However, the Czech Republic also showed the opposite strength in the German qualifiers. He hit 10 home runs in 4 games. Great Britain, who entered the finals together, recorded 6 home runs in 3 matches, followed by Germany, which was eliminated after losing to the Czech Republic, with 5 matches in 3 matches.

Britain and Germany strengthened their strength by transfusing American-born minor league players for this preliminary round. Aaron Altair, who played for NC, also played for the German national team. On the other hand, all the Czechs were born in their own country, and there are not many American baseball experience.

Head coach Hadim said, “Everyone was satisfied with the offensive power (during the qualifying period). I think offense and defense are closely related. “They can calmly play better,” he said.

The Czech Republic, which belongs to Group B of the final round, will face China, Japan, Korea, and Australia in turn from the 10th of next month. While Korea and Japan are considered strong candidates for the second round, the Czech Republic is also preparing to go to Japan with its own goals. In the final round, major leaguer Eric Sogard, Arizona prospect Boris Bezerka, and college prospect Willie Escara, who did not play in the preliminary round, were brought in to reinforce their strength.

Head coach Hadim said, “We are aiming for the next WBC spot. It will be of great significance for the development of Czech baseball. It will be a great motivation for our young players who have created the second highest world ranking in Europe after the Netherlands.” think,” he said. If you want to go straight to the next 2026 WBC finals, you must avoid the bottom of the group. 온라인카지노

The Czech Republic will meet Korea at the Tokyo Dome on the 13th of next month. Head coach Hadim said of Korea, “Korea is one of the best baseball teams in the world. It has balanced offense and defense and plays very sophisticated baseball based on excellent intelligence. In my opinion, those aspects are Korea’s national character and dedication to the country It seems to reveal a desire for success.”


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