Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Kwon Young-min, coach of KEPCO, won a full set close game “The players looked heavy”

“The players seemed to be heavy in general.” Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO ended the 2022-23 Dodram V-League 4th round schedule with a winning streak with a valuable victory at home.

On the 27th, KEPCO won 3-2 after a close game against KB Insurance on the home court, Suwon Gymnasium, to a full set. The team went on a two-game winning streak with the win that day. 스포츠토토

But it turned out to be a tough victory. KEPCO wanted to solve the game relatively easily by taking the first and second sets in a row. However, KB Insurance did not sit still. He won the 3rd and 4th sets and turned the match to the starting point.

KEPCO laughed at the end. In the second half of the 5th set, they scored in a row to widen the score gap and deflected the opponent’s pursuit well. KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min said in an interview with the reporters who visited the scene after the game, “I overcame the 1st set hurdle well and was able to win the 5th set ahead of my concentration. I am fortunate and satisfied with the result of victory.”

Coach Kwon said, “But overall, the players’ bodies looked heavy,” and “I think it’s one of the reasons for the difficult game.” Although he won, he expressed his regret in terms of the content of the game.

Unfortunately, Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, is also the same. Coach Hu said, “We played a game in which the players seemed to be more disappointed with the result than the coaching staff.”

Coach Hu added, “Compared to the previous games, the serve received did not go well today (27th).” He also mentioned Hwang Kyung-min.

Hwang Kyung-min scored 11 points that day. Coach Hu explained, “(Hwang) Kyung-min should have exerted more effort, but he couldn’t.”


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