Thursday Sep 28, 2023

‘Kyung Min-ah, let’s put up with your brother’ Choi Jae-hoon supports his younger brother Heo Kyung-min even while injured

Heo Kyung-min explodes.

Heo rarely shows emotion, even when things aren’t going his way, so it’s hard to imagine him triggering a bench clearance.

But this day was different. It was Yoon Dae-kyung’s dune that sent Heo into a frenzy.

The moment both players stormed out of the dugout came in the top of the eighth inning when Doosan took the lead.

In the top of the eighth inning, Doosan quickly made it 8-1 with a two-run single by Yang Ji Woo, an RBI double by Kim Jae-ho, and an RBI triple by Jung Soo-bin.

The next batter, Heo Kyung-min, stepped up to the plate with two outs. Yoon Dae-kyung’s first pitch was aimed at his head, and as Heo turned to face the danger, the ball struck him in the back.

As if convinced of an empty ball, Heo sprinted toward Yoon. Players from both teams poured onto the field.

Catcher Park Sang-yeon quickly blocked Heo, while Doosan’s Choi Jae-hoon rushed over to comfort the furious Heo.

The players on the field were mainly trying to calm Heo down, and there was no physical confrontation.

Yoon Dae-kyung removed his hat and apologized politely. Yoon gestured that the ball had slipped out of his hand and was not ejected.바카라사이트

Doosan snapped a five-game losing streak behind a strong outing from starter Kwak Bin and home runs from Yang Suk-hwan and Yang Yang-ji. Doosan remained in third place with 45 wins, one tie and 41 losses.

Hanwha, which sent out ace Moon Dong-ju and lost its third straight game, remained in eighth place with 46 losses (4 ties, 37 wins) on the season.


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