Monday Sep 25, 2023

‘Lee Seung-yeop → Kim Han-soo → Kim Jae-hwan’ only 3 advisors, should I take off the tag of a prospect “I want to make a lot of money”

Can Doosan Bears Kim Min-hyeok (27) take off the tag of ‘Geopo Prospect’?

Right-hander Kim Min-hyeok, who joined Doosan in the 2nd round of the 2nd round in 2015 with the 16th overall, drew attention as a power hitter, but made his debut in the first team in 2017. It was difficult for him to break into the first team. He wanted to solve military problems first, and enlisted in active duty in March 2019.

After Oh Jae-il left for Samsung, Kim Min-hyuk had an opportunity. However, as he failed to stand out during the spring camp and demonstration games, Doosan brought in Yang Seok-hwan in a trade.

After all, I had to spend a lot of time in the second group last year as well. His opportunity came only in September. Doosan, whose advance into the postseason was virtually frustrated, prepared for the next season by giving Kim Min-hyeok a chance instead of Fernandez. And Kim Min-hyeok showed his potential by hitting 4 home runs.

He was again named to the 2023 spring camp roster.

Lee Seung-yeop is watching Min-hyeok Kim with interest, saying, “He’s a fun friend. I’m looking forward to it.”

He also has many helpers. Head coach Lee Seung-yeop, head coach Kim Han-soo, and Kim Jae-hwan are helping Min-hyuk Kim. They even receive one-on-one guidance from Coach Kim.

Kim Min-hyeok explained, “The manager and head coach say a lot of good things. It’s a big help.”

Batter number 4 Kim Jae-hwan gave him a lot of advice from the time he was in the 2nd Army. He is the best helper for Kim Min-hyeok. 바카라

He said, “Actually, I wasn’t a long-distance hitter until high school. I was a mid-to-long-distance hitter, but when I entered the pro and practiced in the 2nd team, I met Jaehwan hyung. My older brother told me to swing with 150% of my strength during training. He said that the power to hit with it comes out,” he said. “I told him to swing 100 each day every day after the game and on the move day.

Kim Min-hyeok’s competitor is Yang Seok-hwan, who is about to acquire FA qualification. He showed a strong will, saying, “I have to live with competition. I have to show as much as I go out. The part I can show is long hits. I will focus on that side and do it.”

Now, I want to get rid of the tag of ‘Geopo Prospect’.

Kim Min-hyeok said, “Last year, I received a lot of last-minute opportunities. I was happy to be able to play my own baseball. If you are a professional player, your first goal is to play in the first team. I want to go out,” he said. “Removing the tag of a prospect depends on how I do in the baseball field.

He has a home too, and he has to take care of his wife and 14-month-old son as well. More responsibility grew.

Kim Min-hyeok said, “I want to earn a lot of money for my family,” and said, “My goal is to become a hitter who is the center of the team.”


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