Saturday Mar 25, 2023

Legend Cha Bum’s request to 18 promising players “Be good people first”

Former soccer team coach Bum-Keun Cha attended the 35th Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Ceremony held at the HW Convention Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 2nd and encouraged promising players.

At the ceremony, a total of 19 winners were awarded, including 18 promising soccer players (16 males and 2 females) and 1 coach through the final screening.

In the men’s division, Song Jung-jun (Jeonnam Suncheon Joongang Elementary School), Kim Yoon-jae (Gyeongnam Yangsan United FC), Jeong In-seo (Gyeongbuk Pocheol Elementary School), Kang Si-woo (Gyeonggi Jin Geon-cho), Yun Seon-yong (Gyeongnam Yangsan United FC), Kim Dong-hyun (Yangju-si Youth Soccer Club, Gyeonggi-do), Eom Kyu-hyun (Seoul Daedong Elementary School), Jeong Woo-jin (Ulsan Ulsan Hyundai U-12), Bae Ho-jin (Gyeongbuk Bisan Elementary School), Kwon Jun-seo (Sejong Sejong Kim Young-hu FC U-12), Oh Tae-jun (Jeju Jeju Seocho), Kim Woo-jin (Seoul FC Hanmaum U-12) , Kim Woo-jin (Seoul Sindap FC U-12), Lee Ho-young (Gyeonggi Jin Gun-cho), Lim Ji-seong (Jeonbuk Iridong Football Club U-12), and Lee Ju-chan (Seoul FC Eunpyeong U-12).

The best female player award was given to Jeon Ah-hyun (Seoul K-League Gangyong FC) and Lee So-mi (Gyeongnam Namgang Elementary School).

Coach Han Chul, who coaches Seoul Chungam U-12, won the best coach award.

Director Cha said, “I was a man when I was giving the award to Park Ji-sung, but now I am a grandfather. I am thrilled and honored.” Juniors led Korean soccer forward. thank you and proud Our players are scoring goals all over the world. It has been a long time since Son Heung-min surpassed me. Now it’s your turn. I will wholeheartedly support the future. Good people come first. Football skills and the dignity of thinking must grow together to become a great player. Not only players who are good at soccer, but players who have deep thoughts are loved for a long time. I hope you often think about what kind of person a wonderful person or good person is. I will cheer for you to become a proud soccer player with a great personality.” 스포츠토토

For the award ceremony, FIFA president Gianni Infantino sent congratulatory speeches to Park Ji-sung, Ahn Jung-hwan, and Hwang Hee-chan, and major figures in the football world also attended.

Established in 1988, the Cha Bum-geun Soccer Award is a youth soccer award that discovers and awards young talent every year. It has produced stars like the star of soccer.

The Cha Bum-geun Football Award Committee judged the top 15% of the players recommended online by 361 first-class youth leaders of the Korea Football Association and selected the winner. This time, in particular, the on-site screening step was added to increase the fairness of the screening. The Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Committee plans to operate an on-site judging panel every year in the future.

The winners and leaders are scheduled to leave for Germany in July to experience advanced football culture with the help of the German Professional Football Federation as the ‘Tim Cha Boom Germany Expedition’.


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