Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Little league baseball ‘administrative specialist’ to head coach, founded ‘Mars Atoms’ little league team

Little League administrative expert Park Won-jun, a former secretary general of the Korea Little League Baseball Federation, has turned head coach.

On March 2, the Hwaseong Atoms Little Baseball Team held its founding ceremony at the Nambu Social Welfare Center in Hwaseong City.

The ceremony was attended by Hwaseong City Council Speaker Kim Kyung-hee, Hwaseong City Councilor Lee Hong-geun, Hwaseong City Councilor Lee Gye-cheol, Hwaseong City Councilor Lee Yong-woon, and many other guests, including sponsors, baseball players, and parents, who encouraged the Little Baseball players to get off to a strong start.

The founding coach of the Atoms Little Baseball Team is Park Won-jun, former secretary general of the Korea Little Baseball Federation. Park graduated from Bae Jae Go and Chung-Ang University and has been recognized for his contributions as a Little League administrative expert for over 10 years. Recently, he was appointed as a baseball ambassador to Cambodia, where he has done a lot to develop the game.

“We wanted to make it easier for youth players who cannot play baseball due to financial barriers such as paying membership fees to play baseball at a low cost through sponsorships around them,” said Park Won-jun. “We hope that our baseball dreamers will be happy and enjoy playing baseball in the future.”

The Hwaseong Atoms Baseball Team chose the name ‘ATOMS’ by combining the first letters of ‘All Together One Motivation Sports’.

This means that the team aims to be a sports team that creates one motivation and value together through baseball that we all enjoy.

Park’s efforts to create the Atoms Little League baseball team were immense. To become a coach, Park completed the first instructor course at the Seoul National University Baseball Academy, the first specialized course at the KBO Baseball Umpire School, the first specialized course at the Baseball Records Center, and the second-level qualification as a professional sports coach.

In addition, in order to understand the perspective of young athletes, he has been working to nurture baseball dreamers by acquiring qualifications in play sports, after-school learning, color psychology, sports psychology counselor, and completing the Sports Human Rights Center’s ‘Violence Prevention Education, including sexual violence’.

However, Park said, “There were many difficulties during the founding process. There were problems with recruiting players and using the baseball field because there are already three little baseball teams in Hwaseong City.” However, with the help of Gyeonggi Provincial Assemblyman Lee Hong-geun, Song Ok-ju, and sponsors, we were able to overcome the difficulties.”안전놀이터

The Atoms Little Baseball Team will continue to develop into an exemplary K-Little Baseball team that children from multicultural families in our society can join.

In conclusion, Mr. Park expressed his ambition to run the team so that children and teenagers who love baseball can experience various baseball cultural experiences rather than training professional players.


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