Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Looking abroad for sky-high green fees in Korea… “At least 50,000 won per day”

Domestic golfers are turning their eyes abroad. This is because of the expensive domestic green fees.

On the 11th, the golf booking platform XGOLF investigated its own data and conducted a survey related to overseas golf travel. As a result, it was found that the number of domestic golfers visiting overseas is increasing.

According to XGOLF, inquiries for overseas golf course reservations have increased since the first half of last year, and in the second half, more than 100 overseas golf course reservation-related inquiries have been received.

As the need for overseas golf has rapidly increased, XGOLF conducted its own survey on overseas golf, and 80.7% of the total answered that they had experienced golf overseas. Among them, as for the number of rounds, ‘less than 1’ accounted for the most at 44.2%, followed by ‘more than 6’ at 21.7%. On the other hand, 19.3% of the survey respondents answered “no”.

When traveling abroad for golf, Thailand (37.8%), Japan (34.2%), and Vietnam (17.7%) were the most frequent countries. As for the reason for visiting overseas golf courses, ‘cheap golf course costs’ accounted for the most answers, and other factors such as ‘leisurely playing games’ and ‘warm weather’ were found to be the reason. 메이저놀이터

According to the Leisure Industry Research Institute, the actual weekday fee for domestic golf courses is more than three times higher than that of Japanese golf courses. In line with the needs of its members, XGOLF opened a Japanese golf booking service in cooperation with Rakuten last December and a service that allows registration and inquiry of overseas golf course membership information. Currently, the lowest price for a golf course in Japan that can be reserved within the XGOLF application is 6,080 yen, or about 57,000 won in Korean currency.

An official from XGOLF said, “As the burden on green fees at domestic golf courses and regulations on overseas travel are being eased, demand from domestic golfers is going abroad.” I will do my best,” he said.


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