Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Moon Seong-gon, FA Daebak and KT… The signal flare of chain movement was fired

Could it be the signal flare of a chain movement?

Forward Moon Seong-gon, who contributed to the championship of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation in professional basketball in the 2022-2023 season, wears a Suwon KT uniform.

On the 17th, KT announced that it had signed a free agent (FA) contract with Moon Seong-gon on the terms of a contract period of 5 years and a total compensation of 780 million won in the first year.

Moon Seong-gon is a KBL top forward who was nominated for the first overall in the 2015 rookie draft and played an active role at KGC Ginseng Corporation until last season. He was recently selected as the best defenseman for four consecutive seasons and showed off his peak skills.

Moon Seong-gon said, “I am very grateful to the Anyang fans and club officials who have given me generous support and support since I was a rookie.” I will try to transfer my championship DNA to KT, and I currently have three championship rings, but I want to wear five or more.”

In a press release, KT emphasized, “We have built a more solid power with the addition of Moon Seong-gon, along with Heo Hoon and Ha Yoon-ki, who are scheduled to return during the season.”

There is no name for Yang Hong-seok. As a result, the transfer of top-notch forward Yang Hong-seok, who acquired FA rights this year as part of KT, to another team seems likely.

In order to catch Moon Seong-gon, KT presented an unprecedented condition of a total remuneration of 780 million won in the first year. This year, through the free agent market, he made a strong will to fill a forward position into reality. An extension of the contract with Yang Hong-seok seemed to be a promising option, but when the negotiations broke down, it seems that he turned his attention to Moon Seong-gon.

KGC Ginseng Corporation, which lost its main forward in the FA market, also moved boldly.

KGC Ginseng Corporation announced on the same day that it had signed a contract with Choi Seong-won, a free agent guard of Seoul SK, for a three-year contract period and a total remuneration of 400 million won for the first year.

It is a ‘FA jackpot’ that is no less than Moon Seong-gon. Even until the end of the regular season, Seongwon Choi was not worth this much. However, through this year’s championship game, which was closely contested in Game 7, it showed the possibility of both offense and defense, raising the stock price significantly. He is also from Anyang KT & G youth and has a deep relationship with the Anyang franchise.

KGC Ginseng Corporation announced that the main guard Byun Jun-hyung’s enlistment as managing director eased the burden of the guard team focused on Park Ji-hoon. KGC Ginseng Corporation was in a position to continue to lose key players such as Lee Jae-do, Jeon Seong-hyun, and Moon Seong-gon in the FA market. In particular, it was a painful result to miss Seong-gon Moon, but he succeeded in recruiting an outside free agent and filled the position he lacked.안전놀이터

What remains now is whether or not to sign a contract with Oh Se-geun. Oh Se-geun, who is a franchise star in Anyang and has 4 championship rings in his career, also qualified as a free agent this year.

While Yang Hong-seok’s transfer has been confirmed, big names such as Choi Jun-yong, Oh Se-geun, Lee Dae-seong, Jeong Hyo-geun, Choi Jin-soo, and Lee Dae-heon still remain in the free agent market. This year, it is expected that a major change will occur in the power structure for the next season due to a chain transfer of free agents, which is comparable to last year.


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