Thursday Sep 21, 2023

NYY succeeded in catching Torres… What about shortstop competition?

The New York Yankees and Glaber Torres (26) have agreed to a one-year contract.

New York announced on the 29th (local time), “We have agreed to a contract with Torres for 1 year, 9.95 million dollars (approximately 12.2 billion won).” Initially, Torres demanded $10.2 million from the club. However, New York reportedly offered $9.7 million.

In the meantime, the difference of opinion has not been narrowed, so the salary adjustment was ahead, but it seems that the two sides have found a compromise.

As a result, New York has secured the resources of four shortstops: Torres, Isaiah Cainer-Faleppa, Oswaldo Peraza, and Anthony Wolf. Regarding this, some local fans predicted that Torres would not be able to secure a starting shortstop this season. This is because there is already DJ LeMayheu at the second baseman position.

The main reason is Torres’ performance over the past three years. He has never exceeded the batting average of 0.270 since the last 2020 season. He also had to leave due to injury in the 2020 season and 2021 season.

He wanted to show better performance compared to the sluggish season while playing as a second baseman in the 2022 season. As of August, he recorded an OPS of 0.557, hitting in scoring position, and was criticized for falling back in form. 메이저놀이터

Accordingly, the New York side also considered Torres as a trade when recruiting Juan Soto and Josh Hader (both from the San Diego Padres). But Torres stayed in New York.

In the current situation where infield prospects such as Oswaldo Cabrera, Feraza, and Wolf are continuing their growth, Torres’ position is unlikely to be great.


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