Friday Mar 31, 2023

Park Jong-woo, who shouted “Challenger spirit”, is full of ‘excitement’ even in the 13th year of the pro 

 Park Jong-woo (33), a 13-year-old professional who needs to recover his pride, shouted ‘fun soccer’ with a voice full of excitement.

Park Jong-woo shared the joys and sorrows with Busan I-Park. He experienced relegation, promotion, and relegation in the Busan uniform. He stepped on the professional stage wearing a Busan uniform in 2010, starting with Guangzhou Puri, Al Jazeera, Emirates, and Suwon Samsung, before returning to Busan in 2019. After the 2022 season when his contract expired, Park Jong-woo agreed to accompany Busan for his next season as well.

He is on a new starting line. The mindset is also new. I met Park Jong-woo, who was in the midst of the second field training, at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan. After explaining the reason for the contract renewal, saying, “The team called Busan was a big presence to me,” he added, “I thought there should be a player who needs to stay in Busan for a long time.”

‘Responsibility’ takes precedence. Busan finished 10th in the K League 2 last year. After being relegated, it was the worst report card since the founding. I got my ego right. The process was as messy as the outcome. Coach Ricardo Perez, who held the baton for two and a half years, was sacked due to poor performance, and coach Park Jin-seop took the new command tower, and there were many ‘changes’. Park Jong-woo said, “Last year, I had really disastrous results. I felt a sense of responsibility. He felt that he had to prepare harder,” he said with strength. 슬롯사이트

I want to try to restore my reputation with coach Park. Unlike last season, it was all together from his first start. Park Jong-woo said, “The football style the coach wants is clear. When you came last summer, it must not have been easy for you to show everything to the players. We are now about 70% ready. I want to prepare better for the remaining period.”

It alleviated the burden even more. Now it’s a ‘challenger position’. Park Jong-woo said, “To be honest, I feel less pressure than when I was at the top. You can develop within it only when you bump into it, fight it, and attack it. It is natural to be a challenger based on the results of the past two years. That’s why we are preparing with the mindset that we have to catch and eat them.”

Full of ‘excitement’. Park Jong-woo said, “Unlike the previous director, I feel like I am well organized within the fence now. Even if you die, you must die together, and even if you live, you must live together. He knows everything from young players to veterans and coaching staff, so there is no anxiety about the upcoming season. The same goes for fear. rather excited This is a year that I personally look forward to. I am thinking a lot about how to play fun soccer.”


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