Friday Mar 31, 2023

Pitching coach Park Seung-min, who moved from the selection kingdom KT to Hanwha, “The pitchers themselves are really good”

 Pitching coach Park Seung-min, who moved from KT to Hanwha and is instructing pitchers, shared his impressions of the first camp in the new team.

Coach Park signed a contract with Hanwha after the 2022 season. Jose Rosa also served as a bullpen coach to assist the pitching coach, and is in sync with Hanwha pitchers at the Arizona spring camp in the United States. Next, Q&A with Pitching Coach Park Seung-min.

-This is the first camp in Hanwha. How are the pitchers?
Looking at our pitchers during the early stages of training, it seems that each of them has prepared well in the off-season. Most seem to be fast paced. Everyone is doing as expected.

-What do you think about the evaluation that Hanwha’s pitching ability is at the bottom?
It is true that there is nothing to say about the evaluation that our pitching ability is weak because grades are what results tell us. However, in terms of throwing ability alone, I think he is second to none team. I watched with interest why a player with that level of ability had poor results, and little by little I can see the reason. I think there will be a dramatic change if we find that part well and supplement it.

-What are the strengths of Hanwha pitchers?
I’m not just saying it’s a team, but actually our players’ balls themselves are really great. They have a lot of top-pick players, so there are a lot of players with high potential. Above all, I like things that cannot be developed through guidance, such as position or restraint.

-What was the reason for accepting Hanwha’s offer?
First of all, as much as I experienced winning at KT, I thought I had done my job there. After receiving an offer from Hanwha, I decided to do it because I thought that there would be work to be done at Hanwha too. New experiences are always exciting, and having a new mindset is an opportunity for me to develop.
When I came to Hanwha, there were many pitchers who were as good as I expected, so I thought that I should win here as well, as my previous team won the championship.

– How are you working with foreign pitching coach Rosado?
Rosa also works well with the coach. It’s my first time working with a foreign coach as a main coach vs. a bullpen coach, but since I’ve worked with foreign coaching staff at Kiwoom Futures when I was in Kiwoom, there’s no major problem. He’s been playing well so far. 바카라

-Do you have any themes or goals for this camp?
I think I shouldn’t put my theme on the players at camp. Of course, I have my own themes or areas that I want to help the players, but the players get confused when the track taught by the coach changes. No matter how good the information is, it won’t be a good effect if the track conveying it is split. So, rather than conveying my thoughts or themes, I think it’s right to watch how coach Rosado is trying to lead the pitching staff, and when there’s something I want to do, I think it’s right to communicate sufficiently with coach Rosado and do it through coach Rosado.


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