Thursday Sep 28, 2023

‘Resident Kyuu eliminated from the A national team’…Coach Hong Myung-bo “Klinsmann is a world-class attacker, respect his judgment”

The head coach spoke candidly about his feelings after his star striker was dropped from the A team.

Ulsan Hyundai will face Suwon FC in the 17th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 on June 6 at 4:30 p.m. at Suwon Sports Complex.

Ulsan suffered its second loss of the season in its last match, a 0-2 away defeat to Jeonbuk. They still lead the table with 12 wins, two draws and two defeats in 16 games with 38 points. They are 10 points behind second-place Jeju United (28). Suwon FC snapped a four-game losing streak in their last match, winning 2-1 in the Suwon Derby against Suwon Samsung.

In the pre-match press conference, head coach Hong Myung-bo said, “It’s been two days since the game against Jeonbuk. We trained after a day off. Park Yong-woo is out due to injury, so I put Yoon Il-rok, who is in good shape, in the starting lineup.”

Regarding Yoon Il-rok starting, he said, “Rubikson usually plays straight. After 10 games, we have analyzed our opponents,” he said. “Yoon Il-rok is playing his first league game today, but he played in the FA Cup. There are no physical problems. We are looking forward to seeing him play more dynamically.”

It was also the retirement game for the veteran midfielder. Park Joo-ho will finish his career against Ulsan. He will start the match. “I wish I could have retired with Ulsan, but I will finish with Suwon FC,” said coach Hong Myung-bo, who coached Park at Ulsan and the Korean national team. I want to say thank you to Suwon FC.”

When Park announced his retirement, he said, “I want to leave in the best position.” Coach Hong Myung-bo said, “It’s his choice. It’s not bad to leave when it’s good. The coach can be sacked and leave, or he can leave when it’s good. I think he’s made a good choice.”

Main defender Kim Young-kwon was left out of the roster due to injury. Jeong Seung-hyun and Kim Ki-hee will pair up at center back. “Kihee is in good shape,” said Hong Myung-bo. Jung Seung-hyun has also improved. Kim Young-kwon is the key to our buildup. I want Kihee to kick easily. I also told them to be prepared for counterattacks.”

Key striker Lee Min-kyu, who was hoping to make the A team, was not called up this time. “It’s the coach’s decision, so I can’t say anything. If he continues to play for the team, his chance will come. I asked him how he felt and he said he was fine. Honestly, I don’t think it will be okay. I would have expected it. He was way ahead of the other players. I think coach Jürgen Klinsmann made a good decision because he’s a world-class striker.”안전놀이터

For today’s match, Martin Adam will start up front. Lee In-gyu will be on the bench. “I’m just putting in a player with a little more physicality,” said Hong Myung-bo. When Adam comes on, Ulsan’s style of play will be slightly different, but we don’t attach much importance to it.”

The head-to-head record doesn’t mean much either. Ulsan boasts an overwhelming record of 9 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss against Suwon FC. “We don’t care much about the result of the game. It’s important to play well consistently.”


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