Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Road FC Hwang In-soo overcomes the 18kg weight difference and wins in Myeonghyeonman… Jiyong Yang Secures Tournament Seed

 Road FC ‘middleweight champion’ Hwang In-soo (29, FREE) overturned everyone’s expectations.

Hwang In-soo defeated Myung Hyeon-man (38, Myeong-hyeon-man multi gym) in the Goobne ROAD FC 063 kickboxing match held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th.

Prior to the match, most martial arts experts and fans predicted that Myeong-hyeon would win. It was an evaluation brought about by the disadvantage of being 9cm smaller than Myunghyunman and 18kg lighter, and fighting with kickboxing, the main battlefield of Myunghyunman. Myung Hyun-man also said, “I may struggle, but it will be sorted out in the second round.” Nevertheless, Hwang In-soo was confident of winning, saying, “I will show the upset of the underdog.”

Hwang In-soo used the entire cage from the first round and took more activity than Myeong-hyeon. It was a strategy that bet on speed to overcome the weight difference of 18kg. Whenever the opportunity arises, he attacks quickly and opens the distance again, making it difficult for only Myunghyun to get the timing.

Hwang In-soo was also the best in fighting. Hwang In-soo got out of the crisis by making a clinch when the distance narrowed and a dangerous situation came out. With a clever strategy that actively utilized kickboxing rules, Myeong-hyeon’s effective blows were reduced.

There was also a shocking scene at the end of the first round. Hwang In-soo’s precise straight straight line knocked Myung-hyeon down and fell to the floor. It was the first time in 17 years since 2006 that only Myeong-hyeon was down in a game. All the spectators at the scene were astonished at the scene where they were knocked down by players in the lower weight classes.

The match was decided in 3 rounds. Hwang In-soo’s sharp attack caused Myung Hyun-man to complain of dizziness due to accumulated damage. After being checked by the cage doctor on the spot and discussing with the referees, he eventually declared the game to be abandoned. In the end, in the third round, Hwang In-soo took the win as Myeong-hyeon-man gave up the match due to an injury.

Hwang In-soo said, “I beat Myung Hyun-man, who is said to be the best at standing strikes in Korea. Now, Mae Mi-kim (Kim Dong-hyun), who is said to be the best grappling player in Korea. I want a confrontation with Kim Dong-hyun.”

Ji-yong Yang (26, Jeju Team The King) of ‘Jeju-chan’ was also impressive. Yang Ji-yong was on the edge of a fight with Koki Hirasawa (25, Japan), who provoked him at the weigh-in event the day before the match. He was even more incensed because a win would secure a place in the global quarterfinal tournament. 메이저놀이터

Yang Ji-yong, who was venomous, ended the match in 1 minute and 47 seconds of the first round. In a standoff, he landed a straight left hand in an instant, knocking his opponent’s legs off. Yang Ji-yong, who seized the opportunity, succeeded in a series of pounding attacks and brought victory. With this victory, Yang Ji-yong confirmed his participation in the -63kg bantamweight tournament starting in June, following ‘Bantamweight Champion’ Moon Jae-hoon (39, Octagon Multi Gym) and ‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol (32, Wonju Road Gym). built

After the match, Yang Ji-yong said, “Before the match, I said that I would be knocked out in the first round. I will keep my promise unconditionally. I will keep my promise one more time in this tournament. I will become the champion and the prize money will be mine. Player Moon Moon-hun is nervous, (Kim) Soo-cheol hyung should also be nervous. To become a champion anyway, you have to step on Jeon Mun-hoon and go up. In the preliminary match, I will fight (with Mun Mun-hoon) with no guard,” provoking Moon Mun-hoon and Kim Soo-cheol.

In response to the challenge of junior Yang Ji-yong, Moon Mun-hun also said, “I saw the game and my blood boiled. I will show you how to be humble.”

Kim Soo-cheol responded to the provocation with a smile, saying, “Of course, I thought Yang Ji-yong would win this time too. If he had to play with me, I hope he will beat me gently.”


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