Sunday Mar 26, 2023

‘Ronaldo support’ journalist’s actions “Who is this Austrian sausage?”

A journalist who provided a decisive clue to Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer was criticized for criticizing the striker who filled Ronaldo’s vacant position.

Ronaldo caused a stir in early November of last year when he gave an interview to journalist Piers Morgan.

He criticized and despised everything related to Manchester United, including Manchester United (Man United), where he played at the time, as well as manager Eric Turnhagh, teammates, and former colleagues.

Accordingly, Manchester United held a countermeasure meeting immediately after Ronaldo’s interview, and eventually decided to terminate the contract with Ronaldo.

Since then, Ronaldo, who became invincible, moved to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia for an annual fee of 200 million euros (about 270 billion won) when no team wanted him in Europe.

Meanwhile, Morgan, who became Ronaldo’s irreplaceable supporter, opened his mouth after a long time. He confessed the excitement he had hidden in his heart after Manchester United lost 2-3 in an away game against Arsenal on the 23rd. 헤라카지노

“Congratulations,” said Morgan on social media, saying, “This is the result of Manchester United hiring an arrogant manager who didn’t respect GOAT Ronaldo.”

“The replacement for Ronaldo is a player with a name like an Austrian sausage I’ve never heard of,” he said.

The ‘Austrian Sausage’ that Morgan pointed out is Boot Behorst, a nearly 2m tall striker who was recently brought in from Galatasaray, Turkey.

Behorst, whose original team is Burnley in England’s second division, returned to Manchester United on loan for six months after terminating his contract with Galatasaray, where he was playing on loan.

Behorst scored two goals against Argentina in the quarterfinals of the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a member of the Dutch national team, but Morgan quickly made him a ‘listenable’ player.


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