Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Ronaldo’s debut postponement…’Cannot even register as a player’ Foreign quota is full

Cristiano Ronaldo’s (38, Al Nasr) debut in Asia is being delayed. Even Ronaldo’s player registration is impossible. This is because Al Nasr’s foreign quota is full.

The British Sports Bible reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Ronaldo cannot register as an Al Nasr player yet. His debut has also been postponed.” According to reports, the Saudi Arabia league can sign up to eight foreign players. However, Ronaldo is the ‘9th’ foreign player recruited from Al Nasr. For Ronaldo to become an official Al Nasr player, one of the eight existing foreign players must either transfer or terminate the contract under mutual agreement.

As a result, it is known that there is a high probability that Zaloriddin Masharifov, from the Uzbekistan national team playing for Al Nasr, will leave the team. Cameroonian striker Vincent Abubaka, who lost his starting spot with the arrival of Ronaldo, is also rumored to be transferring to Turkiye Fenerbahce. Ronaldo’s debut match is scheduled to take place only after their release.

There are other reasons for the postponement of Ronaldo’s debut. It was a problem that Ronaldo was suspended for two games for the action of knocking down a child’s hand and dropping his mobile phone after the Everton game in April of last year when he was with his former team, Manchester United (England). According to the International Football Federation (FIFA), if a player transfers to another country’s league without completing the suspension, the player must also serve the suspension in the new league. The same goes for Ronaldo. 안전놀이터

Ronaldo and Al Nasr officially announced their transfer on the 31st of last month. Ronaldo will receive a megaton-level annual salary for the next two years, totaling 170 million pounds (about 260 billion won), including annual salary, advertising, and portrait rights. On the 4th, he even held a luxurious initiation ceremony in front of 25,000 fans. Ronaldo said in a press conference that he had received several offers from Europe, Brazil, Australia, and the United States, but he chose to move to Al Nasr.


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