Monday Mar 27, 2023

Rose wins for the first time in four years with irons changed the day before the race

 Correspondent Hoon Kwon = It has been revealed that Justin Rose (England), who won the PGA Tour for the first time in four years, switched to new irons the day before the tournament, drawing attention from fans.

Rose, who won the PGA Tour AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on the 7th (Korean time), used Cobra Golf irons. The 4 iron is the King Tour, the 5 and 6 irons are the King CB irons, and the 7 through pitching wedges are the King MB irons.

However, this iron was handed to Rose just 11 hours before Rose’s first round fight. Plus, Rose was using TaylorMade irons.

Two days before the competition, I tried out Cobra’s new irons at the driving range.

Rose, who doesn’t have a club contract, used to try several brands.

On this day too, he tinkered with the fairway woods a little and even hit the irons.

Rejoiced, Rose changed his shaft and planned to take it home to London, England, to try some more.

But after testing the irons again the next day at the driving range, Rose decided to use them in competitions.

He realized the ball was much more targeted and consistent, Rose explained.

It was only 11 hours before the first round tee-off when an additionally fitted set of irons was delivered to Rose. 스포츠토토

Less than 48 hours after holding an iron for the first time, Rose won by three strokes in a five-day, three-course tournament in all kinds of bad weather, including strong winds, cold, and fog.

“I didn’t like the club so much over the past two or three years, so I changed it several times,” said Rose.

The equipment Rose used in this competition literally covered all brands.

The driver is Callaway’s new product paradigm, and the 3-wood is also Callaway’s paradigm.

I also used TaylorMade for the 5-wood, Titleist Vokey for the wedge, and Axis One for the putter. Ball used a Titleist Pro V1x.


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