Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Running towards the best defender in the World Cup…Real vs Man City

Joshko Gbardiol’s next destination is likely to be Real Madrid or Manchester City.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is well-versed in the European football transfer market and works for the UK’s ‘Guardian’, revealed in an interview with Germany’s ‘wettfreunde’ on the 19th (Korean time) which club is likely to be Gbardiol’s next destination. He mentioned three clubs.

Born in 2002, Gbardiol is still young, but he started playing as a starting pitcher in Dinamo Zagreb, a prestigious Croatian club, from the 2020-21 season. RB Leipzig, who recognized Gbardiol’s potential early on, signed him for the 2021-22 season and immediately jumped to the starting lineup. In just one season, Gbardiol was recognized as a top defender in the German Bundesliga.

Originally, the club that was interested in Gbardiol was Tottenham. But in the transfer window last summer, Gbardiol didn’t want to go to Tottenham. Tottenham also failed to match the amount Leipzig wanted.

There was also a time when Chelsea approached for a pre-contract at the end of the summer transfer window. In exchange for one more season in Leipzig and transfer, Chelsea offered a total of 90 million euros (approximately 120.6 billion won) including bonus clauses, but Leipzig rejected even this.

Since then, Gbardiol has become an even more expensive player. Gvardiol, who participated in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as the Croatian national team, was evaluated as the best defender throughout the tournament. Croatia’s offensive power decreased compared to 2018, but the basis for being able to rise to the semifinals was the defensive power of Gbardiol. When a player born in 2002 proved his worth on the stage of the World Cup, of course, the evaluation of him as the next-generation world class began to emerge. 바카라사이트

Because he proved his skills, his ransom went up vertically. Gvardiol is now the world’s most expensive centre-back, valued at 75 million euros (approximately 100.5 billion won). Since Leipzig has already rejected an offer of 90 million euros, it is Gbardiol who is expected to have the highest transfer fee for a defender if he transfers.

Correspondent Romano pointed to Real Madrid and Manchester City as strong points. “Chelsea are still monitoring the situation, but they have signed Benoit Badiacil, a left-footed centre-back. Other clubs are also interested in Gvardiol. Manchester City and Real Madrid are chasing him. Gbardiol is a summer transfer rather than a January transfer window. I think the team I belong to will change through the market.”


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