Monday May 29, 2023

smith? pedi? LOHAS?… Who is the best foreigner?

Foreign players, who can have up to three per team, account for a large portion of the power. It is an important factor that can influence team performance.

Prior to the opening of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ on April 1, Sports Dong-a, Ryu Ji-hyun, Park Yong-taek, Na Ji-wan (KBSN Sports), Jung Min-cheol, Park Jae-hong, Kim Seon-woo (MBC Sports+), Lee Soon-cheol, Lee Jong-yeol (SBS Sports), A survey was conducted with 10 commentators including Yang Sang-moon and Oh Jae-won (above SPOTV). They are Birch Smith, Felix Pena (Hanwha Eagles), Eric Peddy (NC Dinos), Jose Rojas (Doosan Bears), Shawn Anderson (KIA Tigers), Casey Kelly (LG Twins), David Buchanan (Samsung Lions), Wes Benjamin (Samsung Lions). KT Wiz) and 8 foreign players. 안전놀이터

In the category of ‘choose the most anticipated foreign player’, Smith (4 votes), Peddy, and Rojas (above 2 votes) received votes from multiple experts. Regarding Smith, who received the most votes, committee member Jeong Min-cheol said, “It is the most suitable pitcher that Hanwha envisioned. He explained that it is a style that presses opponent batters with strength.” Commissioner Na Ji-wan said of Peddy, “He is the type who has both command and command. He will show enough intimidation as the first starter.”

Rojas is the only hitter among the eight players supported by experts. Commissioner Lee Soon-chul said, “Rojas has high accuracy and seems to have good power.” Commissioner Kim Seon-woo, who selected Anderson, analyzed that he was “very stable, aggressive, and his slider was very sharp.”

The expectations for the experienced were also high. Commissioner Lee Jong-yeol said, “Buchanan has the ability to cook batter. He revealed that it is a know-how that cannot be easily obtained,” and Commissioner Oh Jae-won raised his voice, saying, “Kelly is now timing to aim for a senior, not an honor student.” Commissioner Park Yong-taek said, “Benjamin will compete for the position of the best pitcher,” and predicted a big success in the new season, saying, “The ball was surprisingly good from the field training.”


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