Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, what happened… Controversy over national team

 ‘Monster defender’ Min-jae Kim (Napoli), who made a shocking remark suggesting retirement from the national football team, and then explained it in a day As it has been raised, the fire of controversy has not died down.

The controversy started with a remark Kim Min-jae left to the reporters after the friendly against Uruguay (1-2 loss) that ended on the 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Kim Min-jae said, “It’s hard. I’m in a state of collapse mentally (mentally). For the time being, I’m going to focus only on my team.” said.

It was interpreted that this was a remark suggesting retirement from the national team, but as Min-jae Kim explained on his social network service (SNS) a day later that the remark did not mean his retirement, it ended in a happening.

In-beom Hwang (Olympiacos) and Sang-ho Na (Seoul), who are the same age as Kim Min-jae, commented and supported him, and captain Son Heung-min also clicked ‘Like’.

However, the fire of controversy did not go out.

After Kim Min-jae posted an explanation, Son Heung-min also posted on his SNS, “It is always a proud and honor to play for the country and to wear the uniform of the Korean national soccer team.” I could feel it again.” 안전놀이터

He added, “Thank you to everyone who supported us for 10 days.

On the same day, the key players of the national team, Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, posted such an article with a short time difference, which itself exudes a strange nuance.

Moreover, as the post was uploaded, fans’ eyes turned to SNS, and some netizens confirmed that Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae were not ‘follow-up (follow-up)’ and became controversial again.

In particular, netizens who confirmed that all the “likes” that Son Heung-min pressed on Min-jae Kim’s social media posts in the past disappeared, led to suspicion of a discord between the two.

Some even suspected that there was a faction within the national team between players born in 1992, centered on Son Heung-min, and players born in 1996, such as Kim Min-jae and Hwang In.

In the midst of this, the awkward ‘unfollow’ between the two did not last long. At midnight on the 29th, it was confirmed that Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae became follow-ups again.

As it is not yet clear what happened between them and whether it was a simple happening, there is still room for controversy.

It is known that the new manager Jürgen Klinsmann, who made his debut in an A match in March, was also reported to the issue while the fire was not completely extinguished over this issue.

Coach Klinsman, who has emphasized ‘communication’ within the team since taking office, plans to return to the United States next month to reorganize and then go to Europe to meet coaches residing there, Heung-Min Son, and Min-Jae Kim.


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