Thursday Sep 21, 2023

“Son Heung-min regains the spark… Tottenham will beat Newcastle and enter the TOP4”

This is Gary Neville’s prediction.

Tottenham Hotspur have been out of focus throughout the season. From the beginning of the season, criticism of performance continued, but it was difficult to find any improvement. Harry Kane struggled and scored several points for his team, but it was natural that Kane alone could not fundamentally solve the problem. At least, Tottenham showed potential in the recent 1-0 win against Manchester City, providing an opportunity for a rebound. 슬롯사이트

While other teams, including Tottenham, have stagnated, there is an emerging powerhouse that has come up. That’s Newcastle United. After being acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF) in 2021, Newcastle, which reorganized the team with the appointment of manager Eddie Howe and active investment, succeeded in sourcing the necessary players in the transfer market held ahead of the season and entered the top 4 with stable operation. succeeded in Currently, Newcastle have 40 points, and they are three points clear of third-placed Manchester United, having played one less game.

Tottenham managed to follow Newcastle closely. Newcastle drew with West Ham United, and Tottenham won against Man City, narrowing the gap between the two teams to one point. Tottenham have played one more game than Newcastle, but they still have a good chance of entering the top four.

Neville also looked positively at Tottenham’s entry into the top four. “Newcastle are going all out. They’re 100 miles per hour, and they can’t go any faster than they are now,” Neville said on the recent Overlap Fan Debate, a program with fans. It’s going to be tough and we won’t end up in the top four,” he said, predicting that Newcastle would finish the season outside the top four.

Instead of Newcastle, the team expected to enter the top four was Tottenham. Neville continued: “Tottenham will overtake Newcastle to finish in the top four. Tottenham can have a good season because they have great resources up front. Harry Kane broke the record and won against Manchester City, Dejan Kulusevsky Son Heung-min seemed to have regained his spark and speed.


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