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Song Myeong-geun, who is about to return to the court, “I want to be a good person”

Professional volleyball OK Financial Group Song Myeong-geun (30, OK Financial Group) returns to the court. Having asked for forgiveness from the victim, he now wants to win the hearts of his fans.

In February 2021, when controversy over school violence arose in high school, Song Myeong-geun admitted his fault. And he didn’t play in the rest of the season. Song Myeong-geun went to the victim, a junior, and apologized. The victim forgave with the meaning of “I will support you.” Afterwards, Song Myeong-geun, who obtained FA (free agent) qualifications, re-signed with OK Financial Group in May 2021 and started military service (full-time reserve service).

On the 5th, Song Myeong-geun was discharged. He will make his comeback in the home game against Samsung Fire in Ansan on the 8th. The preparations are already sufficient. Song Myeong-geun did individual workouts after work, and got a vacation to work with his teammates. He also played in the ‘chaser match’, an unofficial second-team match.

Song Myeong-geun said, “It was a lot of strength to be able to spend time with my family while serving in the military. Recently, I took a vacation and trained, but I was nervous when I played in front of the fans (unofficial game). The fans came and shouted their names and cheered me on, so I was heartbroken. “he said.

He continued, “It was difficult to come to the volleyball court while I was serving in the military. I took a vacation, participated in the chaser match, and watched the game. I thought, ‘I also played hard to survive there.’”

Song Myeong-geun reduced his weight, which had increased to 95 kg, to 88 kg. In the chaser match against Korean Air on the 1st, he made a strong spike serve and back attack. He has not yet reached his peak form, but he has risen to the point where he can be a useful addition to the team.

Song Myeong-geun joined the V-League as a founding member in the 2013-14 season and became the MVP in the 2014-2015 season championship match. He also contributed to winning the championship for the second year in a row. Since then, he has consistently led the team. However, he was forced to leave the court when his past school violence came to light.

The first thing Song Myung-geun did was to meet the victim. Song Myeong-geun said, “I made a big mistake during my school days. I admit all my mistakes. I was really wrong. I met that friend and apologized. Thankfully, he said, ‘I will support you’.” Seok Jin-wook, director of OK Financial Group, also patted Song on the shoulder and encouraged him.

Returning with a new mindset, Song Myeong-geun changed his uniform number as well. He writes the number 77 instead of the number 1 he used to use. It is because Park Seung-soo, his junior, is wearing number 1. Song Myeong-geun explained, “For Park Seung-soo, number 1 must be a meaningful number. Of course, number 1 belongs to Park Seung-soo. I chose number 77, which has two lucky 7’s.”

Song Myeong-geun was determined. He said, “Of course, I don’t think I’m going to play right away. My juniors are doing really well, and I have to work with the setter. I want to focus on recovering my performance and revitalize the team.” Captain Cha Ji-hwan also said, “Myeong-geun has been helped a lot by his older brother since he was young. He always wants to compete with his brother who always plays confidently.” There is also the part that director Seok Jin-wook expects. 토토

Still, not all fans’ eyes toward Song Myeong-geun are warm. Song Myeong-geun knows this well. So he made up his mind to go beyond being a good volleyball player and become a good person. Song Myeong-geun said, “Watching volleyball outside, he remembered how hard he worked to survive in the professional world. He also felt that he could play volleyball happily only when he became a good person outside the field.” Song Myeong-geun, ahead of his comeback, said, “I’m worried, but


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