Monday Mar 27, 2023

‘Stars of Gangwon’ Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-joon, ‘Career High’ once more!

Looking at the numbers alone, the best soccer player in the K-League 1 last season was Kim Dae-won (26, Gangwon FC). Kim Dae-won scored 12 goals and 13 assists last year. 1st in the league in attack points (25). He was also the 20th player in professional football history to enter the ’10-10 Club’ with both goals and assists exceeding double digits. In the Adidas Point Ranking, which was introduced with the intention of selecting a ‘real good soccer player’ regardless of position, he ranked first in the season with 53,380 points.

Among the players under the age of 23 (young players), Yang Hyeon-jun (21, Gangwon FC) was the most outstanding player. Yang Hyun-joon’s record last season was 8 goals and 4 assists. In the K-League, where 22-year-olds are required to play in order to nurture prospects, it is common for young players to be replaced after playing on the ground for about 30 minutes, but Yang Hyun-jun was an exception. He participated regularly as the winger of Gangwon, and after winning the Young Player of the Month award four times, he even won the Young Player of the Season award.

Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyeon-joon’s ‘career high’ season soon became Gangwon’s ‘career high’ season. Last year, Gangwon advanced to the top 6 in the final round and ended the year in 6th overall. Following 2017 (6th place), this is the highest score in the club’s 14-year history. Looking back at the time when Kangwon coach Choi Yong-soo was just taking office in the winter of 2021, when they were fighting a muddy fight in the relegation zone, it was a remarkable rise, and at the center of it was the great success of the two young aces.

Their shoulders are heavier this year. Director Choi said on the 10th, “I want to do just as much as last year. I don’t want more than that,” he said, expressing simple (?) expectations. Teams facing Gangwon will now constantly seek ways to attack Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-jun, and the pressure and containment will intensify. Coach Choi said, “Will the opponent leave it alone?” and said, “If you can’t solve this, you will become an ordinary player, and if you overcome it, you will grow into a terrible player.”

The expectation is greater than fear. Commentator Kim Dae-gil said, “Both Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyeon-jun have the speed and skills to break down the opponent’s defense through solo play. We will show a more mature and high-quality football.” In addition, he added, “(In 2021), he took over the team and saved it from the brink of relegation, and produced good results last season, so coach Choi Yong-soo must have had considerable strength as a leader.” 온라인바카라

There were no flashy signings like competitors such as Incheon United, which brought Shin Jin-ho and Jerso, Suwon Samsung, which brought in Kim Bo-kyung and Mulich, and FC Seoul, which leased Hwang Eui-jo, but there are reinforcements like Altoran. He brought in Alibayev (Uzbekistan), who had a priestly relationship with coach Choi during his time in Seoul. Commentator Lee Sang-yoon of <MBC Sports Plus> commented, “He is a player whose ability has been proven in the K-League, and like Hwang In-beom, he can play the role of a pass link with a lot of activity.”

The stars of the two Gangwons want to face the heavy responsibility. Starting this season, Kim Dae-won wears number 10 and Yang Hyun-joon wears number 7. Kim Dae-won, who personally chose ‘Ace’s Number’, explained the reason for the change, saying, “I thought that the mindset to play would change when number 10 was hung in the locker room.” Hyeon-Jun Ang also replied, “The burden and responsibility will increase, but I chose it because I thought I would be able to grow into a better player only if I overcome it.”

Daewon Kim, Hyeonjun Yang, and Kangwon, who dream of renewing the ‘Career High’ season, will take their first steps against Daejeon Hana Citizen on the 26th. This is the team that fell victim to ‘Choi Yong-soo Magic’ in the promotion playoff two years ago.


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