Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Starting from Part 3 to FC Seoul, Park Soo-il “I will go back to the beginning and compete”

Park Soo-il (27), who finished FC Seoul’s first New Year’s training at GS Champions Park in Guri, breathed heavily. He had no time to feel the cold wind in the middle of winter during the rigorous training that seemed to never end. Colleagues around him said, “I haven’t even started yet.” Every moment of his soccer life, Park Soo-il, who had to prove and survive in the midst of fierce competition, raised the tension by recalling the moment of frustration when he failed to become a professional six years ago.

Park Soo-il, a defender who is making a fresh start in Seoul, greeted 2023 with enthusiasm. Park Soo-il, who we met at GS Champions Park on the 3rd, said, “I remembered the year 2017 when I worked out with a desperate heart in the team’s first training.” He said, “After the transfer was confirmed, I did training to adapt to the team at the end of the year, and I said that I prepared hard, but I almost died in the first training. (Ahn Ik-soo) I was prepared to hear that the coach’s training was difficult, but it was not easy.”

At that time, after failing to go pro in 2017, I remembered the time I played at the unemployment Gimhae City Hall. Park Soo-il said, “It was very tight even when I was training under coach Yoon Seong-hyo at the time. He said, “If I wasn’t tired, I wouldn’t have thought I had trained.” He made up his mind, saying, ‘I need to find my original intention again’,” and his eyes twinkled.

Park Soo-il’s soccer career, which was not faster than others, shows a steady rise. That year, he moved to K-League 2 Daejeon Citizen (2018-2019 season) after being recognized for his performance as the main player in Gimhae City Hall’s league runner-up. And he went through K League 1 Seongnam FC (2020-2022 season) and this time joined Seoul. Park Soo-il said with a smile, “I can’t believe that we’ve come to the best team in the 3rd part, the 2nd part, the 1st part, and the 1st part”.

Park Soo-il laughed, saying, “I once thought, ‘I can do well, too,’ while imagining ‘what if I play in Seoul someday.'” I also drew a scene where I made “. He is a ‘best friend’ with Na Sang-ho, who briefly played together in Seongnam. Park Soo-il also boasted, “I like soccer, and I always had pride as a professional soccer player, but wearing the Seoul uniform made my pride as a real soccer player stronger.” 메이저놀이터

But the reality is sobering. Park Soo-il faced more fierce competition. He can’t avoid the starting competition. He is a wingback who even scored five goals last season. He has a kicking ability that matches his high activity level, and is evaluated as a resource capable of multi-position. Park Soo-il said, “I think it can be a stage that tests me to see how far I can go. I am looking forward to it, and I am re-arming myself mentally.” He continued, “I know that there are people around me who look at me with suspicion. That’s why I have more competitive spirit.”

Seongnam, where Park Soo-il played, was relegated to K-League 2 last season after finishing at the bottom of the league. Park Soo-il, who expressed regret over not being able to prevent the team from relegation as Seongnam’s vice-captain last season, emphasized, “I don’t want to make my team stay in the bottom ranks anymore.”

Park Soo-il said with a goal of 2023, “I don’t want to be evaluated as a player from a team in the relegation zone. It is to create my own seat in any position according to the coach’s requirements,” he said. He said, “The team called Seoul has recently been in the bottom ranks, but it is not a team that will be here. I want to contribute even a little to getting a ticket to the Asian Champions League by going up to the top split unconditionally.”


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