Monday Mar 27, 2023

Surprised by Kim Min-jae, ‘big league senior’… “I can’t even touch the mid-tier club anymore”

2022-2023 Italian Serie A. If you pick one of the hottest players, there is a high probability that there will be a significant number of people who mention Kim Min-jae, whether in Korea or abroad. Now Kim Min-jae has grown to that extent as a player.

Park Joo-ho, a ‘big league senior’, was also interested in watching Min-jae Kim’s growth. Park Joo-ho, who currently plays for Suwon FC, has played in the German Bundesliga as a member of Borussia Dortmund or Mainz 05 in the past, and has considerable experience in the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League (UCL). Because Park Joo-ho is like that, I keenly realize how great it is to walk to the top in Europe, especially in the middle of the big league Italy.

Park Joo-ho answered the reporter’s question, “What level has the current Kim Min-jae reached?”

“I think Min-jae is one of the hottest defenders in Europe. 

Park Joo-ho also added that in the coming summer, you can guess the level of the junior’s status just by looking at the clubs involved with Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is in a state where transfer articles related to super clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid are pouring in every day.

“Looking at the linked teams, Kim Min-jae’s level is no longer the level that the mid-tier clubs are aiming for. He is almost linked with ‘teams that dominate the league’. Mid-ranking teams have become untouchable players, I think. But it’s actually not easy to be that kind of player in Europe. I think I’ve risen to a great position.”

Looking at his face these days, it’s reasonable to ask, ‘Is Kim Min-jae world-class now? It is a natural question since Italy’s top strikers rarely break down the wall of Kim Min-jae. ‘Kim Min-jae’s iron fortress’ was effective not only in Italy but also in UCL. Park Joo-ho expressed his opinion that Kim Min-jae was ‘the process of going to world class’. 온라인카지노

“Min-jae continues to create stories. If Napoli does a little more in Serie A, the championship is certain, and UCL is still left, right? “

Park Joo-ho, who played not only in the German Bundesliga but also in Switzerland’s prestigious Basel, knows how hard and painful it is for Asians to survive in barren Europe. That’s why Kim Min-jae accurately senses the greatness of the level he is walking now. In the comment, “I think he has risen to a great position,” Park Joo-ho’s sincerity was really evident.

Kim Min-jae, who has been reborn as the best defender in Serie A, is concentrating all his nerves to decorate his end this season at its best. It seems that he will run without brakes to win the Scudetto (Italian Serie A championship) and achieve good results in the UCL. When the season is over, attention is paid to what level Kim Min-jae has reached. Until now after moving to Europe, Kim Min-jae’s graph was only going upwards. 


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