Monday Sep 25, 2023

Ten Haag: ‘It’s been too long without Manchester United, I’ll do everything’

Reporter Park Joo-seong = Manager Eric ten Haag promised to win.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported an interview with Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag on the 25th (Korean time). Here, manager Ten Haag said that Manchester United’s period of absence is getting too long, and he promised to do everything for the title.

Manchester United is the club that has won the most titles in the Premier League. It has been on the top 20 times and is the most winning team. In addition, he has always been a favorite in major competitions, including winning the FA Cup 12 times, the EFL Cup 5 times, the UEFA Champions League 3 times and the UEFA Europa League 1 time.

But after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, United are on a downward slope. The league championship stopped, and it became a team that barely managed to win the cup competition. Ten Haag is doing his best to tackle United’s infamous championship drought.

“The best feeling is to win the championship,” Ten Haag said. I’ve been fortunate enough to win a championship in my career. It was amazing. Especially for the fans. It’s really great and I think Manchester United fans, especially older fans, have some experience.” 토토사이트

“But now is the time for Manchester United not to win the title. It was so long ago. We know this very well and we have to do everything to bring home the championship trophy.”


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