Monday Sep 25, 2023

The bats – and the bullpen – are the driving force…the shaky starters are the problem

How ‘Invincible LG’ topped the league.


Hong Chang-gi and Moon Sung-joo lead the team to a top batting average
‘Bok-do’ outfielder Austin also joins the team
Stable bullpen with Go Woo-seok and Ham Deok-joo

Selecting well…

6th in the league in ERA The only weakness of the starting lineup
Relatively short innings liability bullpen burden
Recent acquisition of Choi Won-tae is expected to compensate

Disappointing foreign bats have become a liability. The bullpen is still one of the strongest in the league. With its fire bats and ironclad bullpen, LG is on its way to the top of the Korean Baseball Organization’s 2023 regular season. However, the team is not yet ready to celebrate with fans as the legendary “championship team” that it has been waiting for. The starting pitching staff, their only weakness, hasn’t been able to match the team’s performance.

LG’s strength at the top of the standings comes from its bats. This season, LG has a team batting average of 0.282 on a six-day basis. That’s a whopping 1.3 runs better than second-place NC (0.269). This is an improvement over last season, when LG was third in the league with 0.269. Hong Chang-ki is batting .330 (third in the league), while Moon Sung-ju is also in the triple digits (0.307). The duo also had strong performances in the team’s 7-4 win over Samsung Electronics earlier in the day. Hong Chang-ki went 5-for-5 with a home run and an RBI, while Moon Sung-joo went 2-for-5 with a two-run home run, a walk and a stolen base.

The best part about the batting lineup is that foreign batters have turned into a blessing in disguise, which was a problem until last season, when LG suffered a foreign batting atrocity. Last season’s playoffs (PO) were played without a foreign hitter. Austin, who signed for the 2023 season, also struggled, going 7-for-36 in 12 exhibition games. However, since the season began, Austin has been a completely different player. This season, Austin is batting .297 with 13 home runs and 66 RBIs. His RBIs lead all hitters.

LG’s on-base percentage is scary. LG is the only team in the league with a batting average in the high teens (0.302). That’s a huge difference from second-place Lotte (0.288). The team is also first in RBIs. LG has 479 RBIs, 70 ahead of second-place KT (409).

The mound is also solid. LG’s team ERA of 3.61 is the best in the league. The bullpen is strong. While Go Woo-seok struggled early in the season, Ham Deok-joo, Jung Woo-young, and Yoo Young-chan filled the void, along with super-rookie Park Myung-geun. Park pitched 36 innings in 36 games this season, going 4-0 with five saves and a 3.25 ERA. Park was sidelined in July due to injury, but is expected to return this month.

The disappointment is the starting pitching. Just like last season, LG’s starting pitching is a weakness. This season, LG’s starters have a 4.06 ERA (5 days), which is only good for sixth in the league. Compare that to the bullpen, which has an ERA of just 3.15, and the difference is even greater. As a result, starters aren’t lasting as long on the mound. Last season, LG starters pitched 731.0 innings. That’s 9th out of 10 teams. This season, LG starters have only lasted 468.1 innings in 93 games. Considering that all three teams below LG have played at least two fewer games than LG, it’s hard to see any improvement from last year.

LG acquired Choi Won-tae in a trade with Kiwoom to bolster its starting staff. Won-tae Choi pitched six scoreless innings in the first game on March 30, but collapsed in the second game against KIA on March 5, giving up six runs in five innings.메이저사이트

In fact, the KBO is happy for LG’s performance. The number of fans attending baseball games this season surpassed 5 million on the 4th. The number of games it took to reach 5 million has accelerated from 463 games in 2019 to 457 games this season. The power of LG. LG mobilized a total of 795,141 fans for its 49 home games. The average per game is 16,228. Both are tops in the league.


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