Friday Mar 31, 2023

‘The Emperor Returns’ Tiger Woods returns to Genesis Invitational after 7 months

Tiger Woods, “I don’t know if my body will listen, but I have no problem hitting the ball.”

Tiger Woods, the king of golf, starts again toward his 83rd win in his personal career. It is a comeback after 7 months of being cut off at The Open, a major tournament in July of last year. His return stage is the Genesis Invitational. This tournament, hosted by Tiger Woods, has been upgraded to a special event by the PGA Tour starting this season, with a total prize money of 25.6 billion won and a winning prize of 4.6 billion won.

Woods, who had a rollover accident while riding a Genesis SUV after this tournament two years ago, returned to the field miraculously after several leg surgeries. Of course, Woods’ performance was not the same as before. He limped his leg every time he competed. The hard fight continued. The PNC Championship, which he participated in last December with his son, Charlie, moved by cart to the event competition. It’s been 7 months since the real sword fight. Appearing at the official press conference of the tournament, Tiger Woods was not in a hurry, and elegantly spit out his goal, like a tiger growling in front of its prey.

Riviera CC Woods of Pacific Palisades, California, USA, where the cold hasn’t gone away yet, showed up at the practice range wrapped up all over at around 6:00 am before dawn. Heavyly armed with a blue neckerchief in her black bread hat, Woods continued her practice swing from her wedges to her driver. And she walked her practice round to the 16th hole without riding a cart. According to an ESPN article in the US, her local temperature was about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius, and Woods, wearing several layers of her clothes, took her swing comfortably. Her Woods gait was definitely better than her last year, and she didn’t even limp. She was just careful not to put her weight on her right ankle as she picked up her ball from the hole. After she had practiced her way to the 16th hole, Woods walked straight back to the clubhouse. 스포츠토토

She said that the reason Woods was so sincere about her genesis contest was also because she wanted to break her jinx, which had been her only weakness. In 14 competitions, including overtime at Valencia CC in 1998, he finished runner-up twice and finished in the top 10 four times, but never won. He was also cut off three times. At this course, where he played his first PGA tournament as an amateur when he was 16 years old, he must now be greedy to lift the championship trophy. Woods seems conscious of this, confidently saying, “I know this course. I know I haven’t had much success here, but I know what to practice, what to hit, and I’m all set at home.” showed From now on, it’s time for the emperor again.

■ Tiger Woods, “I expect Kim Joo-hyung to play, who has a good personality but is more skilled”

Six Korean players were also invited to this tournament, which is attracting attention as the stage for Tiger Woods’ comeback. Along with Seongjae Lim, Siwoo Kim, Joohyung Kim, Kyunghun Lee, and Seonghyun Kim, who are stirring up the PGA stage, Kim Young-soo, who won the Genesis Open on the domestic KPGA Tour last year, took the opportunity to play on the stage of his dreams. Among them, Woods gave an evaluation for the first time about Kim Joo-hyung, who is attracting attention with his American name ‘Tom Kim’. Woods did not hold back his sincere praise for the growth of Kim Joo-hyung, who won his second career PGA title earlier than himself at the age of 20 years and 3 months last season.


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