Monday May 29, 2023

 The four members of the golden age of the Korean marathon, “It’s the first time we’ve all gathered together at an official event”

‘The 27th Samcheok Hwang Young-jo International Marathon Competition’ drew attention as all four stars who led the 1990s, the golden age of Korean marathons, attended.

The main characters are Korea Marathon Troika in the 1990s Hwang Yeong-jo, director of the National Sports Promotion Foundation, Lee Bong-joo, director of the Korea Association of Athletics Federations, Kim Wan-gi, Samcheok City Hall coach, and Kim Yi-yong (from Jeongseon), who holds the second place in the domestic marathon (2:07:49). Surprisingly, those who ate together on the Kolon team during their active career were all gathered at an official event for the first time after retiring from active service. Those who had gathered for a long time had a story flower.

Kim Yi-yong, the youngest member of the gang, said happily, “Senior Kim Wan-ki brought Samcheok City Hall players and was busy, so the four of us couldn’t take a picture together, but it’s the first time the three of us took a picture with seniors Hwang Young-jo and Lee Bong-ju.” He added, “Since we were working out in the same team, it reminds me of the old days a lot.”안전놀이터

When they were active, the Korean marathon was also wrinkled on the international stage. However, the current Korean marathon is not catching up to the international level. As a senior who led the golden age, it is a regrettable situation. Kim Yi-yong advised, “The marathon requires sufficient preparation, but juniors seem to be trying to make it easy.”


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