Thursday Sep 21, 2023

The only rookie, the best catcher in Korea and the realization of the camp… “I will not die”

“I will show you my baseball without being discouraged.”

Doosan Bears rookie catcher Yoon Jun-ho (23) was named to the roster for the 1st team spring camp to be held in Sydney, Australia from the 1st of next month. He is the only rookie. Five catchers, Yoon Jun-ho, Yang Eui-ji (37), Jang Seung-hyeon (29), Ahn Seung-han (31), and Park Yoo-yeon (25) are scheduled to board the plane to Australia.

Yoon Jun-ho welcomed the opportunity, which is rare for a rookie, but was not excited. In an interview with SpotTV News on the 17th, he said, “As a rookie, I’m going to spring camp alone, so I’m nervous. I think I got that opportunity first because I’m a catcher. The first thing to do is to quickly integrate into the team and show the baseball I can play. It is. I haven’t been able to meet all the seniors properly, so I think adapting is the most important thing. I want to show my baseball without being discouraged.

Still, I get excited when I imagine training with Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in Korea. Yoon Jun-ho said, “I want to learn everything from senior Yang Eui-ji.

Yang Eui-ji, of course, is determined to learn from all senior catchers. Yoon Jun-ho said, “At the camp, everyone is older than me and has much more experience. While working out together, there will be things you can see and things you can’t see right next to you. I want to learn it myself,” he said with great strength.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop is especially harsh with Yoon Jun-ho, whom he met as a disciple while coaching the TV entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’. Coach Lee said, “There is a difference between a pro and an amateur,” and calmly evaluated Yoon Jun-ho as a player who still has a lot to learn.

Yoon Jun-ho calmly accepted director Lee’s cold evaluation. He said confidently, “Of course, pros and amateurs are different. I just became a professional player. My goal is to quickly adapt and learn to become a complete professional player.”

They are also prepared to endure intense training. Usually, new players get tired early from the amount of training that exceeds expectations when they first join the spring camp for the first team, but Yoon Jun-ho said, “Of course it will be difficult for me, but I trained well with new players in Icheon and prepared well. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the amount of training.”

The goal is to learn at least one more thing without being discouraged in front of a great senior named Yang Eui-ji, and to enter the first team as soon as possible. Manager Lee said, “Yang Eui-ji cannot play all 144 games as a catcher in a year. The second and third catchers must come out. There must be many players to fill the position when the main player is sluggish, injured, or weak.” he emphasized. It is highly likely that Jang Seung-hyun, Ahn Seung-han, and Park Yoo-yeon will be the second and third catchers right now, but if Yoon Jun-ho plays his own baseball as he is determined, the charter can be turned at any time. 메이저사이트

Yoon Jun-ho said, “Starting with the first team camp, my goal is to register for the first team once within this year. I don’t know how long it will take, but I will prepare as soon as possible so that I can stand proudly as a Doosan player in Jamsil.” chopped up


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