Sunday Mar 26, 2023

“The world was cold. I missed basketball more.” LG Jung In-deok’s second basketball life

 Changwon LG Sakers small forward Jung In-deok is unfamiliar. He joined LG in the 2nd round of 2016 with the 6th pick. He graduated from Songdo Middle School – Songdo High School – Chungang University. He was a promising prospect.

However, at the time, he could not adapt to the strict system of LG coach Hyun Joo-yeop. At a young age, there was also a 2% lack of professionalism. He called it “a time when there was no iron”.

Ultimately, he took his own retirement in 2018. He went straight into the army. He made a living in the Army that had nothing to do with basketball.

His fondness for basketball remained strong. He had to earn money. I did some part-time jobs. The world was cold. Jung In-deok said, “It was so hard to come out. The world was quite cold. I missed basketball more.”

In the end, he sent a love call to the LG basketball team again. However, there were many difficulties. unknown player. He is also an early retired player.

Director Cho Sang-hyeon of LG didn’t even know the name ‘Jung In-deok’. He joined LG as a trainee. He decided to officially join the team through team training for a month.

The evaluation of the coaching staff was quite good. He devoted himself to shooting drills every morning, and his understanding of defense was excellent.

LG, which performed well at the beginning of the season, had a lot of trouble with wingman resources due to Seo Min-soo’s injury and Lee Seung-woo’s sluggish performance. The ups and downs of the 3-point shot across the team were also a concern.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun boldly enrolled Jeong In-deok in the first team entry. There was Lee Seung-woo, but there was a judgment that Jeong In-deok was better in stable 3-point shooting and team defense understanding.

When the opportunity came, Jeong In-deok fully demonstrated his value. 3&D cards. When Yoon Won-sang and Jeong In-deok go on the court together, LG’s active power is maximized.

In the game between LG and Korea Gas Corporation held at the Daegu Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th, they also shined in the game. He scored 14 points, including four 3-pointers. Only in the 4th quarter of the game, he made 3 decisive 3-point shots. It was a performance that made up for LG’s inherent weakness of weak wingman resources and insecurity of 3-point shooting.

After the game, he said, “I was very young and immature. My lingering attachment to basketball remained strong, and LG gave me a chance.” 온라인바카라

Assem Maray, who was next to him, laughed, saying, “Jung In-deok is a good player. Knowing that I pass to the outskirts when a double team comes, he even emphasized that his hot zone is the corner.” On this day, Marey connected with an exquisite pass and 3 points to Jeong In-deok in the corner.

LG came to have a hidden card called Jeong In-deok in their hands. LG, which is causing a sensation this season, is able to continue its fight for second place as it gains more momentum at the end of the season.


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