Thursday Sep 28, 2023

This is why rumors of a feud with Pep… “My personality is not easy”

Joao Cancelo confessed about his personality.

Cancelo moved to Bayern Munich in the transfer window last winter. It was Cancellu, who was in charge of an axis at Manchester City, but it was to ensure reduced playing time before and after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In the process, there was a story that he had a conflict with manager Pep Guardiola, and rumors of a discord surfaced. Both Guardiola and Cancelo shook their heads about rumors of a feud, but doubts still linger.바카라사이트

Cancelo also confessed that his personality was not easy at the time. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Can Sellu strongly denied the story of his feud with Guardiola, saying it was a complete lie, but he now admits that he had a difficult personality at the time.” .

In an interview with the German media ’51’, Cancelo said, “Sometimes I think my personality is not that easy. But my heart is headed in the right place. You can trust me.” Said no.

When asked to explain a little more about his personality, Cancelo said, “It’s hard to explain. I’m really impulsive and emotional, and I express what I feel right away. I’m an easy-to-read person. It’s not easy for people like me to survive in today’s world. “he explained.

Cancelo was satisfied with his life in Munich. “Munich is focused on success,” Cancelo said. “I love this mindset. I’m happy to be playing for a great team like Munich. Players need a period of adaptation, so I have to work with my teammates to get to know the club’s system.” I tried to adapt to the team as soon as possible,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his life in Munich, and said that he was working hard himself.

Meanwhile, Cancelo’s loan expires at the end of this season. He came out because he couldn’t find a place in Man City, but according to the German ‘Kicker’, it is known that Munich is also unlikely to trigger the full signing option for Cancelo. Munich will have to pay 70 million euros (approximately 100.7 billion won) to sign Cancelu.


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