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“This year is different, I hope the season comes sooner” Kim Do-young’s entry into the KIA infield

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young, who was selected as the team’s key player, revealed his determination to face the season.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk picked Kim Do-young as a key player this season from the first spring camp in Arizona, USA. Manager Kim expected, “If Kim Do-young takes the position of shortstop or third baseman, there will be a synergistic effect in the team’s batting line.”안전놀이터

Kim Do-young, who joined the KIA after receiving the first nomination last year, played 12 games and 2 home runs with a batting average of 0.432 in the first year of joining the team. stopped at

Kim Do-young hit a home run against Hanhwa on the 13th and then against Kiwoom on the 15th, showing off his shortstop qualities with a home run once again, heating up this demonstration game. According to coach Kim’s declaration of war, “Pros are for those who are good at it,” Kim Do-young is expected to be given more opportunities this season.

Kim Do-young, whom I met before the game on the 15th, said, “I felt that I had adapted to hitting in the second half of last year, but it is positive that that part is maintained. So I think this year will be different.” Yes. I myself think that I have to do well this year, so I want to start the season quickly.”

Next, Q&A with Kim Do-young.

– I like the feeling of hitting the demonstration game.
So far, the feeling of hitting is good, but to be honest, there is no point in hitting now. I want to play well during the season, but I want to play well because I have to play now. It feels different on the plate. It seems different this year.

-Is this year starting from the beginning of the camp?
So it seems that I am getting good grades now. Starting from the beginning of the camp, I felt good at bat and I was satisfied with the camp.

-Director Kim Jong-guk picks you as a key player.
I myself think that I have to do well this year, so I want to start the season quickly without burdening myself

achievements are still lacking. The thing I practiced a lot is to step before catching (the ball), start, and throw. It was fixed after listening to a lot of advice.

-Which position is more comfortable for shortstop or third baseman?
Both shortstop and third baseman are comfortable. However, since I couldn’t adapt to Japan (2nd spring camp practice game), I felt inadequate, so I want to play third base a lot.

-I’m a challenger for the infield position.
I’m a rival in terms of baseball, but I’m thankful that my seniors taught me a lot. It’s cool that he teaches even though he’s a rival, so I want to become a senior like him. I am always thankful for not only Ryu Ji-hyuk and Kim Sun-bin, but also the infield seniors who taught me well. I’m currently partnering with Sunbin Kim on Catsball, and every time he tells me how my day went, it’s very helpful.

– What did you prepare for hitting this year?
I felt that I had adapted to the blow in the second half of last year, but it is positive that that part is maintained. So I think this year will be different.

-Asia Games, APBC thoughts.
I have no other thoughts. I’d love to go, but I’m not thinking about it. I think that will follow once you have established your place in the team.

-I’m still trying to be the number 1 hitter.
No. 1 is always the most comfortable, and I’ve done it a lot even as an amateur, so I’m confident.

-How did you feel after watching the WBC?
Everyone has the desire to go to such a competition and shine the nation. I feel that way when I watch the World Cup, and I also have the thought that I want to play on a stage like that.

-Following last year with Moon Dong-ju, the 1st nomination match is attracting attention again.
Among us, we always say, ‘Let’s do well on both sides and compete in a high position’. The high position is up to you, but I want to rise to a certain level and compete head-to-head.


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