Thursday Sep 28, 2023

To do this in a failing grade environment…the mania is a miracle.

It’s a miracle that they’re still in the running.

Gwangju FC is in fourth place in the K League 1 after 25 rounds. After picking up their 10th win of the season by beating Daejeon Hana Citizens in this round, Gwangju has 37 points. Before the start of the season, they were considered the strongest relegation candidates, but now they are performing well enough to look towards the Final A. Going forward, Gwangju needs just one more win to tie the club’s record for most wins in a season (11). Two more wins would set a new record.

Gwangju won the K League 2 title last year. They made waves by winning direct promotion to the top of the league after spending only about 5 billion won, which was good enough for sixth place in the second division. Despite the promotion, Gwangju’s budget hasn’t changed much from last year. It may have increased slightly, but it’s still one of the lowest in K League 1. Nevertheless, Gwangju has continued to rise to unimaginable heights under the brilliant leadership of head coach Lee Jung-hyo.

This is nothing short of miraculous considering their circumstances. Compared to other teams, Gwangju’s conditions are not good. In fact, “bad” would be a more accurate description, as it’s hard to focus on the game. During the rainy season last month, the team spent more time training indoors due to the lack of drainage. Even when it’s not the rainy season, it’s often difficult for Lee to train whenever he wants.

This is one of the reasons why he recently said, “The sports field is very poor. There is a risk of injury because we train without water and the ground is dry,” he said, adding, “If you can help us, I hope Gwangju can improve and become a club that can compete at a higher level.” Lee doesn’t express his dissatisfaction directly for fear of conflict with the club, but he is cold-hearted and feels sorry for his players.

The stadium environment is also failing. The away stands at the Gwangju Football Stadium have been empty for months. The steel-framed movable seats are wobbling, and the stadium is being reinforced, but spectators are still not allowed to enter. In May, there were concerns about the stability of the seats, and the stadium promised to complete the work by the end of June, but on the 4th, away fans in Daejeon watched the game in seat E instead of in the stands.온라인카지노

Unless something drastic happens, Gwangju is likely to stay in the K League 1 this year. With their current performance, there is no reason to worry about relegation. If that’s the case, Gwangju will most likely still be playing in the K League 1 in 2024. The team shouldn’t be satisfied with their results now, but should focus more on improving the club’s environment to become a team worthy of the K League 1. Lee’s leadership won’t protect Gwangju forever. A team environment that is close to failing grades can’t hide behind results forever.


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