Friday Mar 31, 2023

Triangular Formation Exploded Woori Card’s ‘3rd place battle’ laughed

Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card has taken a step closer to ‘Spring Volleyball’.

Woori Card won with a set score of 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 26-24) in the home game against KEPCO in the 6th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 4th. 

In the final confrontation of the regular league this season between the two teams with 47 points each, Woori Card widened the gap with KEPCO and gained an absolute advantage in advancing into the postseason by winning 3 valuable points. stood

On the other hand, KEPCO can look forward to the postseason only when it suffers a painful defeat and exerts all-out efforts in the remaining games. Both

Woori Card teams, who took revenge with a come-from-behind loss and shutout victory in the previous game  , were in a life-and-death confrontation, but, contrary to expectations, Woori Card led the game with an overwhelming attack.

In Woori Card, Na Gyeong-bok, the national striker, exploded from the start and neutralized the defense of KEPCO.

On the other hand, KEPCO was unable to find a breakthrough due to the sluggishness of the foreign main gun, Tais less host (registered name Tais), and was dragged throughout the set. In the end, Woori Card, which accumulated points without stable ups and downs, easily won the first set.

In the second set, our card became stronger. As Agamez, who was somewhat sluggish in the first set, revived, setter Hwang Seung-bin tried various attacks. KEPCO also showed a more persistent game than the first set, with Lim Seong-jin working hard instead of Thais.

However, Woori Card succeeded in turning around by scoring five consecutive points in the middle of the set, and reached the set point first, overcoming KEPCO’s pursuit. Even at the edge of the cliff, KEPCO tried to serve boldly by Park Chul-woo, but as it was caught in the net, the second set also became our card’s share. 

Hwang Seung-bin, the setter of Woori Card, who had time to spare, put pressure on KEPCO by showing a quick attack that even used Park Jun-hyung. Woori Card, who suffered a reverse defeat to KEPCO in the last 5 rounds, confirmed victory by overcoming the deuce battle in the 3rd set while exerting concentration until the end of the day. 

Receiving Oh Jae-seong and hitting Agamez, will Woori Card’s ‘Spring of Jangchoong’ come? 

Woori Card led the attack by scoring 26 points, the highest among both teams, as Agamez went back and forth between the front and rear positions. In addition, Na Gyeong-bok and Song Hee-chae added 13 points and 10 points, respectively, and the ‘Triangle Formation’ jointly scored 49 points and destroyed KEPCO. Libero Jae-seong Oh, who achieved 5,000 defenses for the 11th time in the V-League, also rang KEPCO, the’parent team’, with a stable receive.

In particular, Agamez showed a bold and successful attack despite his incomplete physical condition, and led the atmosphere by encouraging his fellow players whenever the team was in crisis.  

On the other hand, KEPCO’s Seo Jae-deok and Lim Seong-jin led the attack, but Tais, who scored much less than usual, only 14 points, did not come back to life.  안전놀이터

With this, Woori Card jumped to third place alone. It is too early for KEPCO to give up. In the V-League postseason, the 1st to 3rd places go directly, and if the difference in points between the 3rd and 4th places is within 3 points, the two teams must play a semi-playoff with a one-elimination system. 

In fact, with Korean Air and Hyundai Capital’s 1st and 2nd places confirmed, Woori Card’s goal is to secure a stable 3rd place and go straight to the playoffs without a semi-playoff by widening the gap with the 4th place as much as possible.

But you can’t be relieved until the end. Right away, on the 8th, the next game, a confrontation with 5th place OK Financial Group, which also has not lost hope of advancing to the postseason, awaits, and on the 16th, the final match of the regular league, it will clash with winning candidate Korean Air.


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