Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Victor Ahn refutes controversy over receiving Olympic medal pension, “All donated”

Short track legends Hyeon-soo Ahn and Victor Ahn explained the controversial pension payment process during the recent Seongnam City Hall coach application process. 스포츠토토

In 2011, when he naturalized as a Russian citizen, Viktor Ahn revealed that he initially thought dual citizenship was possible, but decided to naturalize after much consideration after learning that it was not a special case.

He added that he decided everything in July 2011 and proceeded, but it was misinformed in Korea as if he had decided to receive a pension first in July and naturalize in August.

He also explained that the Olympic medal pension he received as a lump sum was donated to children in need of heart surgery and junior athletes in need of rehabilitation and treatment.

Victor Ahn said that he was cautious about appearing in the media after naturalization, and said he would humbly accept the criticism that he had to face because of his naturalization choice, and he would speak out as much as possible to prevent misunderstandings from accumulating.


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