Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

“Viewership+Marketing+Sponsorship” Ohtani $600M Booked…Walking Company ‘Will Never Trade’

“If the Angels were committed to maximizing Ohtani’s trade value, they would have moved him last year.”

The Los Angeles Angels are unlikely to trade Shohei Ohtani, regardless of Mike Trout’s injury and their recent slide (3-7 in 10 games, including a recent three-game losing streak). If the Angels were looking to trade Ohtani, they would have already done so in the 2022-2023 offseason, according to MLB.com.

MLB.com’s John Paul Morosi made this argument briefly on June 6, and then elaborated on it on June 7: “The club’s front office will communicate with other teams about trade scenarios if the Angels’ slide continues. However, presenting a possible deal and getting it approved are two entirely different things.”

In other words, owner Arte Moreno will never be swayed. By pulling the plug on the sale, the Angels have solidified their no-trade stance on Ohtani. “If the Angels were committed to maximizing the trade value of Ohtani, they would have moved him last year,” Morosi said.

Ohtani’s contract is worth $500 million, with talk of $600 million and even $700 million. It’s a deal that’s sure to make history in Major League Baseball and professional sports around the world. If the Angels aren’t going to be a winner in free agency, they should trade him now. The Angels have nothing to gain by losing Ohtani in free agency. Trading him now would give them an all-time great prospect package.

But Morrissey doesn’t think so. He said the Angels know that, but he also emphasized that it makes sense to take advantage of what’s in front of them. “Even if the Angels miss the postseason, there is value in keeping Ohtani on the roster until he hits free agency. There is an audience that watches him every time he plays. There’s marketing revenue and sponsorships attached to his appearances. The possibility of him winning a second American League MVP award is very real.”온라인카지노

The Angels would immediately realize zero return on Ohtani if they traded him. Knowing that they’d be walking away empty-handed this winter, the Angels couldn’t easily give up the money in front of them. That’s why the Angels want to make the postseason at least once with Ohtani. They don’t want to give up the “bonus money feast,” regardless of their record. Ohtani is, in a word, a walking business.

Morrissey believes the Angels will win more games in the future, but that won’t silence the Ohtani trade speculation. In any case, the Angels and Ohtani’s time together is dwindling. The scenario that the Angels will extract maximum monetary value from Ohtani by the fall and then part ways is gaining steam. At this point, the only team that can afford Ohtani’s $600 million contract is the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to the American media.


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