Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

“We will give it our all”… Park Min-sung to start against Philippines on ‘Decision Day’

The big day has arrived. South Korea will start 20-year-old right-hander Park Min-sung against the Philippines.

The Korean National Team will play their final group game against the Philippines at 10 a.m. (KST) on Aug. 28 in Hong Kong for the 2023 Asian Cup (BFA).

Both Korea and the Philippines have a 1-1 record. With Japan clinching the top spot with two wins, the winner of the match between Korea and the Philippines will advance to the Super Round as the runner-up.

It’s an all-out war. Neither team can afford to back down. They need to win to advance to the Super Round and earn a spot in the World Baseball Classic, which awards up to four spots out of the 12 nations participating in the Asian Cup. Both teams will be desperate.

The Philippines has assembled this team from softball players. The Philippines is a softball powerhouse, especially in men’s softball. The Philippine women’s team plays with natural resilience and power. However, they are weak in details. As a result, the national team plays a detailed game.

“From the first inning, we’re going to bunt, steal bases, and play football,” said national coach Yang Sang-moon. Leadoff hitter Ahn Soo-ji and No. 2 hitter Yang Seo-jin are expected to play aggressively. Once they get on base and rattle the Philippines, the team’s plan is for the cleanup trio of Joo Eun-jung, Park Joo-ah, and Kim Hyun-ah to score runs.

The bottom of the batting order of Shin Noo-ri, Lee Ji-a, Jang Yoon-seo, and Choi Min-hee is also solid. Shin has great long ball power, while Lee has quick feet. Jang Yoon-seo has good fundamentals, and Choi Min-hee is the team captain and can bunt. If the top of the order can flow well, the national team has a chance.

Park Min-sung, the starter against the Philippines, took the mound in the fourth inning against Indonesia on April 27, but gave up two consecutive singles. He struggled to adjust to the mound conditions, but he was able to get the third batter to ground out on a full count to keep the game scoreless. Park Min-sung is determined to show his true colors against the Philippines on the 28th.안전놀이터

Lee Ji-sook, who pitched one scoreless inning in relief against Japan on the 26th, will also be ready to go. The national team will be ready to go all out. Coach Yang Sang-moon aims to minimize runs by making quick pitching changes.

Korea’s starting lineup for the 2023 BFA Cup against the Philippines

Ahn Su-ji (left fielder)-Yang Seo-jin (right fielder)-Joo Eun-jung (designated hitter)-Park Ju-ah (shortstop)-Kim Hyun-ah (third baseman)-Shin Nuri (center fielder)-Lee Ji-a (second baseman)-Jang Yoon-seo (first baseman)-Choi Min-hee (catcher)


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