Monday Sep 25, 2023

What’s the matter?…“Criticize Messi? PSG fans will regret it”

Former Argentina national team member Javier Mascherano, Argentina U20 youth team coach, defended Lionel Messi, who was criticized by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans.

The British Daily Mail said, “Mascherano left the words ‘You will regret it’ to PSG fans criticizing Messi, along with the words ‘It is fortunate to have the best players like Messi’.”

Messi visited Saudi Arabia last week without permission from the club. He requested permission from the club to travel to Saudi Arabia, but after being denied, he left for Riyadh without permission and was suspended for two weeks and fined by PSG.

PSG fans even protested. They gathered in front of the team’s training ground and raised their voices criticizing Messi, and it is safe to say that PSG and Messi’s accompaniment is virtually over.안전놀이터

In this situation, Mascherano stood on Messi’s side. He said, “PSG fans spent two years criticizing it instead of enjoying it (accompanying Messi). In 10 years they will regret it. Any team in the world will give anything to hold on to Messi. There shouldn’t be an ending like this.”

“Messi has a great professional spirit even though he is the best player in history. It is impossible to criticize him. He sends Messi to a happy place with his family.” [email protected]


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