Thursday Sep 21, 2023

“Why didn’t you recruit Kim Min-jae?” 96% of Tottenham fans are dissatisfied

Tottenham fans are weeping over the failure to recruit Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

On the 8th, ‘Football Fan Cast’ said, “Tottenham’s most serious problem right now is defense. It would have been much better if Chairman Daniel Levy had recruited Kim Min-jae during Mourinho’s days.”

In a poll conducted on the site, the question “Should Tottenham have signed with Kim Min-jae?” was 96% in favor, overwhelming 4% against. 안전놀이터

Former Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho’s remarks sparked controversy. Mourinho said: “I wanted him at Tottenham. His ransom was 10 million euros (13.4 billion won). Tottenham could have paid up to 8 million euros (10.7 billion won), but only offered 5 million euros.

” Fans are dissatisfied with Tottenham’s decision.Son Heung-min also persistently recommended signing Kim Min-jae, but the leadership did not listen.


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