Sunday Mar 26, 2023

 Why was Gangwon embarrassed by the new CEO’s remarks about “Gangneung”?

 The new CEO of Gangwon FC, K-League 1, Kim Byeong-ji, made an unfunny happening at his inauguration press conference.

 Gangwon newly welcomed the 9th CEO. ‘Korean legend’ Kim Byeong-ji, former vice president of the Korea Football Association, was appointed as the new head. We had time to listen to the resolution of the new CEO Kim. On the 9th, a press conference was held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon, one of the home stadiums. In celebration of the new year of the year of the cat, aiming for a brighter tomorrow, it raised expectations for the development of Gangwon. Publicly, he also sent a positive message to the staff, saying, “I will create conditions for the welfare of the office and work.” I couldn’t help but laugh. New CEO Kim mentioned a rather sensitive topic. He said, “We plan to merge with Gangneung at the end of this season.” 메이저놀이터

 Here’s the story. Gangwon, a provincial club, has been operating in a distributed manner since 2019. They use Gangneung Sports Complex and Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon as their home stadiums. It is to show the game of Gangwon to as many citizens as possible. As it is operated in a dual system, the secretariat is also divided. Among the squad management team, the team manager, youth, and equipment managers are located in Gangneung, while the rest of the game management team, management support team, marketing team, and communication team are located in Chuncheon.

 It is a job for the citizens, but the efficiency may decrease. It seems to have come to the conclusion that selection and concentration are necessary. Gangwon gathered the secretariat in Gangneung again and made a plan to merge it. However, this matter was confidential. There’s no reason to hide it, but I didn’t bother revealing it in advance. Not only Gangneung, but also Chuncheon are definitely homestays. Let alone the awkwardness with Chuncheon City, fans who had a special affection for Chuncheon thanks to Lee Won-hwa can be sad. Even in the part where the schedule for the 2023 season has not been 100% confirmed, the sensitivity has doubled.

 He even mentioned relocation to Gangneung several times in other questions at the press conference. In addition, comments such as “I know that the plan was carried out when former CEO Lee Young-pyo was in place and it was organized with the Gangneung side” and “I do not know the in-depth story such as the validity of the plan” were added to raise several question marks. This is the reason why the club staff showed a bewildered look.

 It’s a mistake by new CEO Kim, but it doesn’t seem to be malicious. When I think about his words, “It would be nice if the secretariat works in a pleasant environment and we will prepare for the season happily together”, his sincerity for the secretariat can be seen as an overflowing ‘happening’ from the first day.

 As it is a topic that has been revealed to the world, the facts must be clarified. An official from Gangwon admitted, “It is true that the story is coming out. When it is decided, it will be made public.”


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