Monday May 29, 2023

Why was Kim Min-jae tired? Changes are needed even in ‘clarification’

 There is no organization without conflict. However, when the conflict breaks out due to the loss of self-cleaning ability, surgery is inevitable. The reality of ‘tired’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) is that the festering thing has finally burst.

Team A gathers the best soccer players from each country. The spectrum is diverse, and the age gap is quite large. Just looking at the March roster first convened by German coach Jurgen Klinsmann, 12 years coexist, from 1989 to 2001. 바카라사이트

Among them, there is accumulated fatigue since the Qatar World Cup. It’s not about blaming anyone. A player in the national team is commonly referred to as the ‘military leader’. During the Qatar World Cup, he was the loudest at the center of the ‘2701 Controversy’. He may have ‘support’ among senior players, but he is a ‘difficult brother’ to younger players. Kim Min-jae, the leader of the ’96 generation, suffered greatly among them. Kim Min-jae is more serious about the Taegeuk mark than anyone else. He was not fit to play at the World Cup in Qatar due to an injury to his right calf. He hadn’t played his normal training session before the second match against Ghana in the group stage, but he played 96 minutes.

However, in the final match against Portugal in the group stage, he reached his limit to the extent that he could not even relax. He took a break but pushed through for the Round of 16 match against Brazil. It was only after the World Cup in Korea ended that he only laughed, saying, “I endured the pain, but I played.”

The way he came to the national team is no longer happy. After the match against Uruguay on the 28th, Kim Min-jae said, “I’m in a bit of a difficult situation and I’m in a state of mental breakdown. I want to focus only on my team now, not for the time being.” And he blurted out, “It’s not (because of transfer rumors). It’s hard in terms of football and physically. I want to pay more attention to my team than the national team.”

There is also a point that Kim Min-jae’s remarks are ‘reckless’. The national team is an ‘honoured seat’ where only the chosen ones can enjoy ‘privilege’. This is a story Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) speaks like a habit. Even Kim Min-jae should take this part seriously. As the controversy grew, Kim Min-jae also made a stance on the way back to Naples on the 29th. He posted on his social media, “I’m sorry to the players and fans who may have been surprised by my remarks. I am posting this because the meaning of hardship was misrepresented.” Because of this, because of the long flight time, because there are many games, there is no game that I did not work hard because my body was tired. He gave it all and jumped to death,’ he said. He went on to say, ‘With yesterday’s interview, the 49 games I played with the Taegeuk mark were gone, and I became a player who took things lightly without knowing the meaning, weight, and everything of the Taegeuk mark. I was in a state where I was feeling a lot of pressure in a situation where my weight was getting bigger in the national team, which I had just enjoyed, and the story that I was mentally collapsed was the pressure on the pitch, the responsibility that I always have to do well, the disappointment when I lost a goal as a defender, and that these things were difficult. I wanted to tell you a point,’ he added.

However, the reality should not be buried with Kim Min-jae’s ‘principled position’. Manager Klinsman should have a different reaction. All players selected for the national team are pros. A professional player is legally a ‘one-man business’. Coexistence in a horizontal relationship is an unwritten rule.

Coach Klinsman should also come up with a solution. Fortunately, director Klinsman is aware of the current conflict situation. Next month, he plans to visit Europe and meet again with Kim Min-jae to have a ‘serious conversation’.

Also, in order to change the team atmosphere, the national team needs to turn the clock a little faster. The first meeting was unavoidable. I had just taken the baton, so I had no choice. At the World Cup in Qatar, he failed to advance one step. Now three months have been given again. The second convocation in June is a completely different stage. Klinsman and the coaching staff should spend more time analyzing players. And we need to ignite the fire of change.

Manager Klinsman failed to report his first win in his first outing. Fans weren’t happy. In the game against Uruguay (1-2 loss), I saw new hope through the ‘youngest born in 2001’ Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic). As stagnant water rots, organizations that do not change degenerate. Coach Klinsman also needs to renew his national team through gradual innovation so that he can open a new history in the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America as well as the 2024 Qatar Asian Cup.


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